January 28, 2012

Vermin Infestation Strikes the bGWB

As we move closer to November 6th when we rid ourselves of our first Marxist president, expect the vermin filth to become more shrill and vociferous.

Here at the botnet's Global Warming, there's a bit of a pest problem.

I let it stand as-is, since it is instructive to see the way the filthy commies and their useful idiots infect and infest otherwise nice places.

Be forewarned: Marxism is now a race. If you dislike Marxism, you are now a racist. Don't want to be a racist, you racist? Then embrace Marxism.

I'll take a bit of time to properly fisk this annoying shithead in a bit... right now I'm busy, and destroying little dumb-fucks is not as important as the Verify The Recall effort.

Verify The Recall is LIVE!
Fellow citizen, we are excited to announce that Verify The Recall is officially underway! Your opportunity to enter real data from current recall petitions is here!
Verify The Recall's first efforts to begin entering real petition data will focus on Wisconsin State Senate recalls. It is our goal to complete the Senate recall petition data entry process in entirety this weekend so that we are ready to focus on recall petition data for the Governor and Lt. Governor early next week.

Any fraud found on the Senate recall petitions will make it easier to find fraud in the gubernatorial recall!
Please take a stand for election integrity this weekend by participating in Verify The Recall's historic citizen-based effort!
As tiresome and stupid as the commies are, there are more important things for a little while.  I can personally attest to cases of obvious Barack SCOAMF Homobamafraud in the petitions I entered last night for the recall defense, and it is possible we can avoid the entire expensive and unnecessary recall of the State Senators as well as the Honorable Governor Scott Walker.

And by the way, Larry Sinclair and Barack (SCOAMF) Obama.  Sittin' in a Limo.  S-U-C-K-I-N-G.

Barack Obama is a limp-wristed Marxist SCOAMF.

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1 Thanks for the link, I thought you had to be able to go into someplace to help.

Posted by: Lizard at January 29, 2012 07:56 PM (kAaY/)

2 Looks like I found the retarded scumbag piece of shit racist asshole committing crimes against me because he wants his retarded racist, bigoted ass heard!
You are a retarded, shit-for-brain, racist, bigot, extremist, redneck, shit-sipping fucktard!

Posted by: Questionman at February 07, 2012 10:51 AM (dR9yr)

3 I can only assume you were looking in the mirror when you wrote that Questionman either that or you are still a glue sniffing basement dweller.

Posted by: Lizard at February 07, 2012 04:15 PM (kAaY/)

4 Questionman, you are doing it wrong.

You are supposed to look in the mirror and say,


I understand it's hard to hold back your vitriol, but try a little harder next time. If you do well, the men in white uniforms may cut back on the meds and let you play!

And not with yourself this time!

Posted by: LC Aggie Sith at February 07, 2012 09:36 PM (+bSoE)

5 Hey dipfuck, you presume I have the time to chase penny-ante ankle-nipping schizos around.  I'm busy, little dumbfuck. 

I have completely divested myself from anything g00gle, so if you believe I'm "comitting crimes" against you by texting from whatever during my day, not only are you stupid and presumptuous but wrong and stupid.  I'm part of a movement, see?  The "Occupy Job" movement.  It ain't much fun, but I have mouths to feed.  And a mortgage to pay.  And then at night, I seek to destroy the communist movement by volunteering for the "Verify The Recall" effort.

I'm too busy to even play with you, little baboon.

Why do you keep coming back, idiot? 


Posted by: the botnet at February 07, 2012 10:55 PM (6PDiu)

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