July 19, 2011

Uh oh... Wisconsin Communists may take Majority in State Senate...

Oh well, we might lose the Senate.  

That is too bad.

Wanna know what really sucks?  That 90% of what we wanted is already in place.  Balanced budget (well, actually a surplus in the first time within memory), the right to carry, district boundaries representative of the voters, and finally a move to equilibrate the public-sector employees with those who foot the bill.

And for all the barking, whining, and urinating this way and that like rabid baboons there are those who still do not understand that taking the State Senate by a single vote (if that does indeed happen) does not change the law.

Here's the way it works, children:  First, there's a State Assembly.  You do not control that, but it is integral to make or repeal a law.
Second, there's the Office of the Governor.  You do not control that, either.  But just for yuks, take a look at what this fool has to say on the subject:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/post/exclusive-top-wisconsin-dems-increasingly-worried-that-gop-will-protect-scott-walker-from-recall/2011/03/03/gIQAEkaCMI_blog.html

I don't believe he knows what he's talking about.

Who do you believe will turn out in greater numbers for a Republican Presidential primary, my bongo-banging weirdos?  A) Bongo-banging entitlement monkeys, or B) Patriotic Wisconsin Taxpayers.   Ask yourself honestly.

And further, do you believe that the Trillion-Dollar Man will turn out your (admittedly dimwitted and easily duped) base for the 2012 election?  What will the "Hopey-Changeys" be excited about this time... Oil company loopholes and corporate jets?  Ninja puhleese.

In closing:  The law is rock solid, and poor poor babies can't do a darn thing but pay as the law specifies.

Do it for the children.

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