January 25, 2012

As Time Proceeds, Walker is Vindicated

Saint Scott

Interesting data released by the Marquette University Law School Poll indicate Governor Scott Walker is leading all declared commie candidates in the (as of this moment) hypothetical recall election.

The poll gauged a sample of 701 registered voters composed of 322 full-on commies or commie-leaners, and 309 closer to the Republican party, with a MOE for the full sample of +/-3.8%.

The interesting thing is that Walker wins with the overall favorability of 54 to 34, and 54% say the State is "headed in the right direction" while 46% indicate the opposite.  And before people question the sample or methodology, please consider that the same poll yielded results of 50% Obama favorability to 44% unfavorable.  Regarding the direction of the Nation, 24% said "right track" against 70% who said "wrong track". 

While I don't understand Obama's favorables, the importance is that the Honorable Governor wins in the same polling sample carried by the limp-wristed SCOAMF Golfer-in-Chief.  To me this says Walker is winning the argument with the Indies.

I have yet to go through the crosstabs, as I wait anxiously for the State of the State Address to begin at 7:00 PM.  Any guesses on whether some dipshit commie will try to raise a ruckus to interrupt the Governor's speech?  I hope the commie idjits do, and I hope they get a faceful of mace and an ass full of police boot before a full and thorough Rodney-Kinging.

Tonight we CELEBRATE!

May G-d Bless the Honorable Governor Scott Walker.

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Obama haters say President Obama is the worst President in history but he is doing better than the Republican/Tea Party standard bearer Ronald Reagan in every category. Any time you compare Obama‘s record with other Presidents the Obama Haters get mad and say well Obama is the President now.
  you don’t even know the difference between the debt and the deficit.

People say all these awful things about Obama b/c at it’s core they HATE the fact that a Black man (technically bi-racial, but by Amerikkka’s racial calculus, one drop of Black blood makes you Black) is in the White House.

Retarded racist piece of shit!

Posted by: Questionman at January 28, 2012 05:07 AM (rVHGg)

2 I see the retarded, fat butt-pirate has finally managed to work his spunk-covered fingers across his sticky keyboard and bring his Perpetual Victimhood/Race Card™ idiocy to your corner of the 'Net, bot.  
He's really not worth the time it would take to Fisk his copy/paste electronic Black Nationalist diarrhea.  He's the modern day equivalent of a Whack-a-Mole troll.  No matter how many times you smack the shit out of him with logic, facts and truth, he pops his soft, mushy, empty head back out of his asshole to spew more inane idiocy.

Posted by: B.C. at January 29, 2012 10:15 AM (q/x03)

3 Really, Cortney?

You plagiarizing little gimp. Since you refuse to allow comments, but insist on trolling other people's blogs, maybe I should follow you around and post your phone number, so the people you annoy can answer!


Posted by: Yamba at January 29, 2012 08:00 PM (hyF1y)

4 The retard's number is 347- 652-5482

Set up a gmail account, and you can anonymously text him to death.

Posted by: Yamba at January 29, 2012 08:09 PM (hyF1y)

Posted by: vag diagnostic tool at September 16, 2012 11:13 PM (HFZ9K)

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