December 15, 2009

Nothing to see here, folks...

Hey, botnet, have you noticed that there is not a conflict of interest at the very top of the IPCC?

Wow, botnet, You are a treasure-trove of truthfully-true information!  Next you'll say it wasn't the Medeival Warm Period that drowned the dinosaurs! That seems just as true!

Well, botnet, maybe you should read about Dr R.K. Pachauri.  This guy is the arbiter of truly-true climate truth, as well as a shining example of truly altruistic benevolence.  There is clearly nooooo ulterior motive.

botnet, would you say it is most likely the dinosaurs did not drown, but they were killed when aliens mounted powerful lasers to the Thunder Lizards to ride into battle against the non-NFL Vikings who rode ancient Polar Battle Bears?

That's interesting, botnet.  It seems as if you are saying we can just create history from whole cloth.  Like we could rewrite history when it didn't fit the narrative of laser wars with dinosaurs.  (That rhymed, botnet.  You should write a haiku immediately as penance)

Yes botnet, it is quite likely as well that the Global Warming™ Deniers™ will not admit to the the truth of alien/lasers, just as they deny Global Warming™. We owe the Polar Bear so much as a people for saving the human race from the aliens and dinosaurs during the floods of the Medeival Warm Period.  Just in time for the fucking Little Ice Age.

End Global Warming™!

We Need Healthcare™!

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December 14, 2009

The MWP Killed the Dinosaurs, Deniers are Immune™.

Isn't it interesting that the same people denying Global Warming™ fail to realize the Medieval Warming™ Period caused the glaciers to melt, drowning the dinosaurs? Do you believe the same thing is happening now, botnet?


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December 02, 2009

Global Warming: America's Chickens.... Have Come Home... To Roost!

As the world gets warmer and warmer, our arguments will thus become more heated.
the botnet has discovered the botnet family "discussions" have elevated at least 1 degree C in the past twenty years due to Global Warming™. AGW will not regress until we agree to one (or some combination) of the following:


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