July 16, 2015

Ball Diamond Ball Nails It.

No I don’t have an alternative Constitution, and to entertain one is to miss the point. We have finished losing battles because we have lost the war. We of the slow-footed conservative trailer park of lost hope are just getting traction with the idea that there may be a fight coming, and it’s already over. This is what defeat looks like. We should be so lucky as to see a boot smashing a human face forever and so forth. Instead we are co-opted into doing it to ourselves for them. We mash our faces into the dirt because that’s the system. Can’t help you at window A, please take a ticket for window B and have a seat. By the time WIndow B tells us to try window A, it’s a different crowd, and they think we’re crazy. Sorry, you don’t have standing. Sorry, you have to win elections. Sorry, the media won’t like it. Sorry, you don’t have standing. This is what defeat tastes like. We will not see a return to the rule of law, a resurgence of a people worthy of self-government, nor the restoration of a country so esteemed in the world that its institutions are aped by even the most tyrannical dictatorships in a bid for legitimacy. I would say kiss it goodbye, plant a tender peck on its cool forehead before the box is closed, but it’s too late for that too. There’s nothing left.


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July 12, 2015

The shindig at Scott's

This evening there was an event to serve as the last hurrah for my friend Scott.  His home is sold to new owners, and his wife will live in the condo she/they closed on the day he passed. 

He is a great guy, and still in my prayers.  High school sweethearts, man... I'll do my best to let her know there are "people" who are more than "people"... we are friends.

May G-d bless your family, Scott.  And please look out for the wonderful friends I made tonight.  Karen and Dave, Devin, Jeff, Jeffrey, your brother Jeff, John, Tim, Rock, all and many more.

Thanks for everything.

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July 10, 2015

Sultan Knish: 5 Ways to Fight the Left.


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