January 30, 2012

Verify the Recall *UPDATED*

Over the weekend, we patriots in the Land of Cheese and Beer sharpened our teeth on the Van Wanggaard recall petitions as part of the "Verify the Recall" effort organized by the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty and the Dane County Tea Party.

Fuck the CommiesThe communist bastards and useful idiots of the left in their pathetic recall attempt submitted more than 24,000 signatures in their bullshit attempt to recall Senator Wanggaard, which we chewed through "several times" over the course of 48 hours. In the first image, we see a case in which two people at the same address have remarkable similarities in their penmanship. (Click to embiggen)

Fucking IdjitsAnd as for the Main Event... the Walker Recall? The communist bastards at the GAB are stonewalling the release of the petitions online, which will only delay compiling the Database of Shame. The GAB commies claim they wish to protect the identities of "domestic abuse victims", but I suspect they are squirrelling away some of the more egregious fraudsters to use should they need a push over the top if huge numbers of signatures are forcibly tossed. As an example, here is a case where somebody got fucked up, signing their real name after printing their nom-de-guerre. (Click to embiggenify) Perfect fodder for the race to the finish for the bitterly partisan GAB.

Interestingly enough, and despite repeated assurances from the commie bastards at the WI-SDWP they had gone through the signatures to weed out obvious fraud and mischief, apparently they were as successful as they are at rational thought... which is to say, not at all.

Fucking Commie BastardsThe errors contained in the petition here are numerous and glaring. Item 1) "Pedro "Ventue"" cannot sign his own fucking name. That's pathetic. Item 2) "Cesaria Cortez" cannot sign his name, either. Instead, it is printed each time. Item 3 "A-Git" probably is not a valid name. Like the SCOAMF, it is reasonable to suppose "A-Git" might have trouble producing a birth certificate proving that is indeed his name. Further, in Item 4), "A-Git" cannot legibly write his own address, and similarly, in Item 5 does not seem to know what the Zip code for that address might be. The person who signed their name to the bottom of the petition certifying its validity should have their ass thrown in jail. (One click to each image will serve you well if embiggening is your wish.)

The cases I have identified are the most obvious which I personally happened upon in the course of the petitions I entered to the database, and one can only imagine the level of fraud of types more difficult to detect. How many people comitted identity fraud, and how many dead people voted. Lizard claims that all dead people are democrats, being either dead-dead, or else just brain-dead. I believe her.

In closing, fuck the commies, fuck the SCOAMF, and may G-d Bless our beloved and honorable Governor Scott Walker.


I just received this in my inbox....

The Government Accountability Board is dragging its feet on getting the gubernatorial recall data to Verify The Recall, but we will not be deterred!
Verify The Recall planned to receive all gubernatorial recall data from the GAB today (Monday). Unfortunately, the GAB has been slow to supply us with our requested information. As a result, it now looks like it will be Friday of this week before you will be able to enter recall petition data into VTR's database for the gubernatorial recall.

All that said, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! Verify The Recall is fully ready to enter recall petition data for the remaining Wisconsin Senate races, so we will spend the rest of this week verifying the recalls of Senator Fitzgerald, Senator Moulton, and Senator Galloway! The data entry efforts required for Senator Van Wanggaard were completed this last weekend... One down, three to go!

Verify The Recall will be up and running again tonight (Monday, January 30) at 6:00 PM CST!

Your log in information is seen below. Thank you for volunteering to help uphold the integrity of Wisconsin's election processes!


Verify The Recall

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January 28, 2012

Vermin Infestation Strikes the bGWB

As we move closer to November 6th when we rid ourselves of our first Marxist president, expect the vermin filth to become more shrill and vociferous.

Here at the botnet's Global Warming, there's a bit of a pest problem.

I let it stand as-is, since it is instructive to see the way the filthy commies and their useful idiots infect and infest otherwise nice places.

Be forewarned: Marxism is now a race. If you dislike Marxism, you are now a racist. Don't want to be a racist, you racist? Then embrace Marxism.

I'll take a bit of time to properly fisk this annoying shithead in a bit... right now I'm busy, and destroying little dumb-fucks is not as important as the Verify The Recall effort.

Verify The Recall is LIVE!
Fellow citizen, we are excited to announce that Verify The Recall is officially underway! Your opportunity to enter real data from current recall petitions is here!
Verify The Recall's first efforts to begin entering real petition data will focus on Wisconsin State Senate recalls. It is our goal to complete the Senate recall petition data entry process in entirety this weekend so that we are ready to focus on recall petition data for the Governor and Lt. Governor early next week.

Any fraud found on the Senate recall petitions will make it easier to find fraud in the gubernatorial recall!
Please take a stand for election integrity this weekend by participating in Verify The Recall's historic citizen-based effort!
As tiresome and stupid as the commies are, there are more important things for a little while.  I can personally attest to cases of obvious Barack SCOAMF Homobamafraud in the petitions I entered last night for the recall defense, and it is possible we can avoid the entire expensive and unnecessary recall of the State Senators as well as the Honorable Governor Scott Walker.

And by the way, Larry Sinclair and Barack (SCOAMF) Obama.  Sittin' in a Limo.  S-U-C-K-I-N-G.

Barack Obama is a limp-wristed Marxist SCOAMF.

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January 25, 2012

As Time Proceeds, Walker is Vindicated

Saint Scott

Interesting data released by the Marquette University Law School Poll indicate Governor Scott Walker is leading all declared commie candidates in the (as of this moment) hypothetical recall election.

The poll gauged a sample of 701 registered voters composed of 322 full-on commies or commie-leaners, and 309 closer to the Republican party, with a MOE for the full sample of +/-3.8%.

The interesting thing is that Walker wins with the overall favorability of 54 to 34, and 54% say the State is "headed in the right direction" while 46% indicate the opposite.  And before people question the sample or methodology, please consider that the same poll yielded results of 50% Obama favorability to 44% unfavorable.  Regarding the direction of the Nation, 24% said "right track" against 70% who said "wrong track". 

While I don't understand Obama's favorables, the importance is that the Honorable Governor wins in the same polling sample carried by the limp-wristed SCOAMF Golfer-in-Chief.  To me this says Walker is winning the argument with the Indies.

I have yet to go through the crosstabs, as I wait anxiously for the State of the State Address to begin at 7:00 PM.  Any guesses on whether some dipshit commie will try to raise a ruckus to interrupt the Governor's speech?  I hope the commie idjits do, and I hope they get a faceful of mace and an ass full of police boot before a full and thorough Rodney-Kinging.

Tonight we CELEBRATE!

May G-d Bless the Honorable Governor Scott Walker.

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January 24, 2012


The BestI've been deliberate in my efforts to avoid listening to the SCOAMF, but I'm going to try a little experiment this evening.

I bought a case of Milwaukee Best* this evening, and I'm going to drink every time that limp-wristed Marxist fuck plays the class-warfare card.

It should be interesting, and I have work on speed-dial in case things go terribly wrong (if, for instance, I listen to the entire thing).  Milwaukee Best comes in a 30 pack, and that's a lot of firepower.

Wish me luck.

*UPDATE*  I barely made it ten minutes.  Two beers in 5 minutes, and I decided the SCOAMF is too difficult to take.  Fuck.  If I'm going to drink beer, I prefer to enjoy it, not get all worked up because some lying piece of shit living in fantasy-land comes on the TeeVee and starts talking up "green jobs".

We really can't be rid of Ogolfeline soon enough.

*Of course I know it's "Milwaukee's Best", not "Milwaukee Best", I continue stating the name in that manner to honor a friend. 

Beeder-Bup!  Heyyyyyy-Aaah!

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January 17, 2012

Feingold the Undeclared Commie Frontrunner in Walker Recall?

Fucking CommiesIs there a chance that the Statist commie former Senator Russ Feingold will throw his hat in the ring for the Wisconsin Governorship should there be enough validated signatures to force a recall election of the brave and Honorable Governor Scott Walker?

Ann Althouse seems to think so.

Althouse pens a strong argument regarding the particulars of Feingold's situation... and though I consider Feingold a communist, a Statist, and a big-spender, Althouse believes Feingold to be a duplicitous liar as well.  I guess I hadn't considered that aspect. 

Feingold, the creepy little bitch who cast the 60th and deciding vote to saddle my child with the burdens of the Obama Porkulus as well as Obamacare (the fundamental transformation of the relationship between the government and We The People), has claimed for some time he has no interest in running for office in 2012. 

Though the Althouse piece was penned in late November, and she has exhibited exceedingly poor judgement in the past, I believe her argument in this case to be plausible.  Time will tell.

Given the reasons Althouse laid out, one might further her argument given the lay of the land.  The commies have handed over "one million" signatures for review to force a recall election, far beyond their goal of 700K.  Despite numerous allegations of foul play, it will be difficult to prove fraud on an individual basis in numbers sufficient to deny the recall.  The reality is, there is a high likelihood Walker will face a recall election.  Feingold is a statist degenerate neo-communist, but other than that he's a savvy politician.  He surely sees the weak field of commie candidates, and surely is deluded by the vocal minority to believe in a high likelihood of a commie winning against our beloved Governor Walker. 

And a brief look at the weak field of challengers...

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January 16, 2012

Occupy Lake Winnebago

Today was beautiful, and though the warm weather made for comfortable fishing, it wasn't helping the ice.

Winnebago System_ Fahrney PointI hooked up with "The Prison Guard" and one of his buddies early this morning to fish off Fahrney Point (locally known as the "Jesuit Retreat").  It's a bit south of where I typically fish, but we had heard the perch were hitting out there, so we decided to take a shot.

The arrow points to the Jesuit Retreat, and feel free to embiggenify by clicking the image.

I drank almost all of the beer in my fridge during (and mostly after) the season-ending Packer loss to the Giants yesterday evening, and slept a bit later than intended.  I made it to the ice at about 7:15 with the sun just breaking the Eastern horizon.  Fahrney Point OverviewIt's a bit of a walk to reach the opening of the bay, and I was happy for it because breaking a sweat (dragging about 150 lbs of gear) cleared some of the cobwebs.  (Click the image to do something, or something.)  As you can see, there is a long channel to traverse before reaching the fishing spots (labeled "first" and "second" in the order we fished them).  Snow on the ice makes it much more difficult to haul gear than glare.

Contour MapOur first set of the day was in about 8 feet of water on 4 inch ice.  There was plenty of perch action, but most were too small.  It is kind of a pain in the ass to continually re-bait your jig after some runt stole your grub.  We sat for a while jigging (while our tip-ups saw no real action), then decided to move. 

The second set was in about 10 feet of water on about 2 to 3 inch ice.  A bit thin for my taste, but what the hell.  To reach the second spot, we had to traverse a pressure crack... not usually a big deal, but our ice has been poor all year, and going past the point the ice is even worse than the bays. 

Falling ThroughI was in the lead as my buddies were wrapping up their gear when I set off.  We cross pressure cracks all the time, and you're always watching for crap ice.  In this case, there was open water hidden under a veneer created by blowing snow collecting on an open crack.  The snow sucked up water from below which froze in a thin shell across the top.  It looked fine until you walked it.  The point marked "A" is where I stepped through the hidden crack, and point "B" is where "The Prison Guard" stepped through damn near to his balls, soaking his boot and spilling his gear everywhere. 

I used the fishcam all day, and we hit plenty of perch, along with a few white bass.  I saw a sturgeon on the cam for my first time, which was pretty cool.

I did not catch the first fish, nor did I catch the biggest or most.  There's always next time.

And lest I forget to mention, Barack Hussein Obama is an affirmative-action communist limp-wristed femme.

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January 15, 2012

No Joy in Titletown

PackerThe score? Lots and lots of points against too few. The "dagger" (try a google of "wayne larrivee dagger" if you don't recognize the reference) came in the middle of the fourth when the Pack was down two scores and allowed a first down giving the Giants the opportunity to score their final TD to complete the braining of my beloved Pack.

It was a fun, fun, FUN!!!! season, but with a shit defense like we fielded all year, no team should expect to be a contender. Couple the shit defense with three lost fumbles, a receiver corps with a case of the "dropsies", and a stellar QB (#12, Aaron Rodgers) who over or under threw too many passes and you have yourself a loss... and not just any type of loss, my friends... A season-ender. Despite the best efforts of the referees to throw the game in favor of the Pack, the game was lost. (image stolen from http://www.sportprediction.net/)

If you look on the bright side, at least Aaron Rodgers will have the opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl, but I'm not inclined to look on the bright side right about now. I'm more inclined to swill the rest of the Milwaukee Best in the refrigerator, then kick my dog in the balls. Except I don't have a dog. And it isn't his fault anyway, hypothetically.

Alas, the Packers snatch a season-ender from the jaws of fait accompli. I suppose I'll mourn for a while, then find something else to do. I hate basketball, and baseball is a couple months away.


Tomorrow:  Your Lake Winnebago ice fishing report.  I predict I shall catch the most, as well as the biggest. 

And one last thing.... Barack Hussein Obama is a limp-wristed dickless SCOAMF.

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January 12, 2012

Here's to you, DHS: FUCK OBAMA!

Fucking Commies
Now that DHS (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit) is spying on everybody,  Please allow me to respectfully submit an observation:

Barack Obama is a castrated little limp-wristed bitch. He hates the free market and economic liberty just as much as he loves having men suck his little pee-pee. If there was a legal way to punch out his fucking teeth, I'd be the first in line for the way he's deliberately crashing the country.

My child will shoulder the burden of his debt.

Obama is a SCOAMF commie dick-sucking spendthrift piece of fucking shit.

By rights, his actions could be considered treason.  And should the legal system determine as much, I'd buy peanuts and invite my daughter to join me watch him punished to the fullest extent of applicable law.

A.B.O. 2012

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January 11, 2012

"Fuck The Troops", Wisconsin State Senator Endorses.

King and Murphy

It never ceases to amaze me, the depths of depravity to which the commies will sink.  Here's a taste:

The fact this filthy piece of shit Ian Murphy is held up by the left as some kind of fucking hero for punking the Great and Noble Statesman Governor Scott Walker serves as a reminder of the type of weapons-grade idiocy we suffer from those whom we oppose.  These are the people who seek to run this place.  They believe they are right, and we are wrong.  They call us stupid.

What you have here is State Senator Jessica King (Marxist-Oshkosh) yukking it up with their clever hero, out collecting signatures in their attempt to dispose of Governor Walker.  Jessica King rode the wave of commie fury at the bold and honest actions of Governor Walker (and the brave Statesmen in the state legislature who passed Act 10) to get her rump elected in the State Senate Recall election.  She must be so proud.

I'm sure that Jessica King (Commie - District 18 ) and the ingrate piece of shit Ian Murphy are great pals... Fellow travelers.

I question not only Jessica King's judgement, but her patriotism.  Surely she knows about Ian Murphy's disgusting bullshit.  And since she hasn't taken the time to issue a statement one way or the other, one can only imagine she isn't embarrassed in the least. 

I'm betting she agrees.

Email State Senator King:  Sen.King@legis.wisconsin.gov

h/t:  Sykes Writes

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January 09, 2012

The Dead Sea

Rockaway Bay 01-07-2012

Over the weekend I had the good fortune of a bit of time to spend on Lake Winnebago (a.k.a.:  "The Dead Sea").  During the summer, work and home obligations keep me away from "Winnebagie",  but I'm cool with that, since I have a particular fondness for hard water fishing.  A frozen Lake Winnebago is awesome, and days in which I can poke a couple holes in her are fine indeed, though I never catch a damned thing.

Here's some speculation about the Dead Sea from Wikipedia, and some background from a reputable source HERE.

The early part of every winter after "first ice" is dedicated to hunting perch (probably the best tasting fish in the world) in the bays.  Later, when the cold lingers and the ice grows thick enough to support vehicles and "permanent" shacks, Winnebagie bustles with ad-hoc fishing villages as people chase walleye.  Thousands and thousands of people hang out to fish or ride around on the lake when we have good ice, and the sight of thousands of shacks in temporary villages is something to behold, especially since nobody ever catches a damned thing.  I've never actually tasted the fish from this lake, but I love it here, and our climate and home is a blessing.  Thank G-d.

Perch on IceI hooked up with my buddy "the Prison Guard" at sunrise this past Saturday to hit the North part of Stony Beach.  Sat for a while before we heard from our friend "the Tavern Owner" who was pretending to be on the perch up at Rockaway Bay.  We joined him for a couple hours on four-inch-ice under overcast skies with a chill 25 mile wind.  I caught a few small imaginary perch on my jigging rig while "Prison Guard" caught nothing.  I won a buck for the first, and a buck for the biggest fish as we nipped Jack from my flask.  Around noon we broke for lunch and chores, then later I set out to the same place for the afternoon to join back up with "The Tavern Owner".  We, along with a couple other locals each pulled a couple make-believe fish out of the Dead Sea by the end of the day (photoshopped above, and click to embiggenify).  It was a fine time, although nobody caught a damned thing.

lil' botnetSunday, Mrs. botnet gave the O.K. for lil' botnet to join for her first ice fishing of the year.  It's tough to keep the little ones focused and patient for something so slow and sedentary as ice fishing, but snacks, music, and pretending to see a fish once in a while go a long way toward making trips fun for the young'uns.  We had a number of ghost shad and phantom white bass swim right past our bait, but the excitement of pretending to catch some hungry perch when an enormous school didn't come by made it worth the while.

Most importantly, lil' botnet said later that the time was enjoyable, and in our climate anything you can do to get out of the house during the winter is time well spent.  Much better than playing "Barbie" where it's warm and you can take your soaking boots and mittens off.

She'll be a good fisherman, and I look forward to many more trips on the ice with her, though we'll not catch a damned thing.

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January 03, 2012

A Sithy Challenge: Top Ten of Things I Really Do Not Like™

The lovely and kind Aggie Sith of Sithy Things and Hookers and Booze has issued another challenge.

Here it is.
10.  Commies.

9.  I loathe limp-wristed SCOMFs.

8.  People who cannot admit their hero is actually a limp-wristed SCOAMF disgust me.

7.  I despise any Packer loss, any Packer punt, or any Packer game where they fail to score on every drive.  And The Chicago Bears, Bears fans, Bears stuff, and the entire city of Chicago sucks dick through a butthole.  Big middle finger to the F.I.B.s and everything they fuck up.  If you F.I.Bs hadn't screwed your state up so royally, you'd not be in such a hurry to escape here every weekend to annoy us.  Every wonder why you can't stay home to enjoy your weekends, F.I.B.s?  Think about it.  You shit the bed, and now you wish to shit in ours.  GO HOME.

6.  People who believe in Global Warming™ theology and try to feed me their bullshit religion should crawl in a culvert and die.  I don't barf my religion all over you (and your kids), so keep your holy church of Hide The Decline off me (and mine).  You assholes.

Checkout Lady5.  I really do not like when I am forced to purchase "just a couple things, Honey" at the grocery store after work.  The lines are horrible, and that half-ape (half-some-other-kind-of-ape) with tits and a mustache at the rapid-check lane who always wants to talk to me but annoys the hell out of me... is annoying.  I already waited behind some smelly lady and her three hyperactive scruffs for half an hour, now quit telling me about the cute thing your cat did last week and sell me this box of tampons.

4.  It really pisses me off when drones parrot their mindless DNC/CPUSA/OFA talking points, and I'm too bored with their stupid drone bullshit to even engage and help them see how pathetic and stupid they are in their ignorance.  I am too bored every time, so it really pisses me off.  You are boring, so pull your boring fingers out of your boring ass and get a fabulous minimum wage job.  Assholes.

3.  To the jackasses collecting signatures to force a recall election in their pathetic temper tantrum against our Wisconsin Hero and Statesman, the Honorable Governor Scott Walker... You suck dog balls, and if beating you about the head with a brick would knock some sense into your whiny cro-mag skulls, I'd not lay a finger on you because you deserve to be stupid until you find a way to get yourself hit by a bus.  Fuck off.

2.  I fucking hate when people lie to me like the libtards, the lib commentariat, and the MBM always do.  I hate when the womenfolk here at casa de botnet leave the room without changing the channel on the television and Lester Fucking Holt or whoever comes on to feed me the latest DNC talking points, all the while pretending those of us who actually love this country and our Constitution are the recalcitrant objectors to "progress".  You want progress?  Go jam your head in a woodchipper.

1. I hate that the tea-party chemical-weapons experiments of the year 2011 were not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  For the cripe's sake, it is only good people standing at the gate that are preventing the zombietard occubullshit from making everybody dumber. 

Hats off to Wirecutter.  May he realize there are other places to live than the occupied territories.

Move to WI... the weather's great, though with Global Warming there will be fewer fish caught through the ice.

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January 02, 2012

First Ice Fishing Winnebago: Damn Global Warming™

Today I hit Lake Winnebago for the first time this winter.

It's difficult to recall a year in which the lake (which we locals refer to as "The Dead Sea") hadn't frozen by January, though I guess that's because I like to drink whiskey and Milwaukee Best.  I guess if I concentrate I can remember 1998, but thinking is such work.

This year I used my fantasy football winnings (I'm Number One!) to buy a used two-seater flipover so lil' botnet can join when I hit the ice.  ShackHere's what it looks like.  Flipovers make good sense for people like me who like to hit the ice early (and late) in the season.  The light weight is good for thin or poor ice, and their portability alleviates the worry of some asshole stealing your gear out of a permanent shack.  I'm pretty excited.

The bay I fished today had about 4 to 5 inches of ice, which is actually pretty good considering the lake is open for miles and miles just beyond the breakwater (100 yards from where I fished).  In a typical year, we have sufficient ice to enable those inclined to drive a vehicle from Oshkosh to Stockbridge over the lake, but this year you'd need Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.    Winnebago Ice 2012-01-02

If you look closely in the holes (click to embiggen) , you can see what I estimate to be about 5 inches of ice.  I'd not drive a four-wheeler on this, let alone a vehicle, though some do.  I'm not that crazy, and I love my family.  Please bear in mind that about 100 yards from here is open water.  Today was cold and windy, and it can be a bit spooky as the ice moans and cracks due to temperature and wind force.  Good times.

Sure, the ice is confined to the bays and is still thin, but we've hit a patch of cold weather and it's "makin' ice".  There are a lot of people who want to get out on the main part of the lake, and if the cold continues we'll have good ice in a week or so.  Or else Global Warming™ has finally kicked in and I should have bought a boat instead of an ice shack.

The wifey made me promise not to bring lil' botnet out this weekend because of the fear of poor ice, and I was probably more disappointed than the lil' one since we upgraded our fishin' shack just this past week.  I'm looking forward to next weekend and hoping that our recent cold spell continues.  I've got the hard-water itch, friends.  I hope the winter lasts a long time.

And as for the fish?  Saw a ton of uninterested white bass on the camera, and had a nice perch spit out my hook.  I never catch shit, but thankfully the time you spend fishing doesn't count against your age.

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