January 03, 2012

A Sithy Challenge: Top Ten of Things I Really Do Not Like™

The lovely and kind Aggie Sith of Sithy Things and Hookers and Booze has issued another challenge.

Here it is.
10.  Commies.

9.  I loathe limp-wristed SCOMFs.

8.  People who cannot admit their hero is actually a limp-wristed SCOAMF disgust me.

7.  I despise any Packer loss, any Packer punt, or any Packer game where they fail to score on every drive.  And The Chicago Bears, Bears fans, Bears stuff, and the entire city of Chicago sucks dick through a butthole.  Big middle finger to the F.I.B.s and everything they fuck up.  If you F.I.Bs hadn't screwed your state up so royally, you'd not be in such a hurry to escape here every weekend to annoy us.  Every wonder why you can't stay home to enjoy your weekends, F.I.B.s?  Think about it.  You shit the bed, and now you wish to shit in ours.  GO HOME.

6.  People who believe in Global Warming™ theology and try to feed me their bullshit religion should crawl in a culvert and die.  I don't barf my religion all over you (and your kids), so keep your holy church of Hide The Decline off me (and mine).  You assholes.

Checkout Lady5.  I really do not like when I am forced to purchase "just a couple things, Honey" at the grocery store after work.  The lines are horrible, and that half-ape (half-some-other-kind-of-ape) with tits and a mustache at the rapid-check lane who always wants to talk to me but annoys the hell out of me... is annoying.  I already waited behind some smelly lady and her three hyperactive scruffs for half an hour, now quit telling me about the cute thing your cat did last week and sell me this box of tampons.

4.  It really pisses me off when drones parrot their mindless DNC/CPUSA/OFA talking points, and I'm too bored with their stupid drone bullshit to even engage and help them see how pathetic and stupid they are in their ignorance.  I am too bored every time, so it really pisses me off.  You are boring, so pull your boring fingers out of your boring ass and get a fabulous minimum wage job.  Assholes.

3.  To the jackasses collecting signatures to force a recall election in their pathetic temper tantrum against our Wisconsin Hero and Statesman, the Honorable Governor Scott Walker... You suck dog balls, and if beating you about the head with a brick would knock some sense into your whiny cro-mag skulls, I'd not lay a finger on you because you deserve to be stupid until you find a way to get yourself hit by a bus.  Fuck off.

2.  I fucking hate when people lie to me like the libtards, the lib commentariat, and the MBM always do.  I hate when the womenfolk here at casa de botnet leave the room without changing the channel on the television and Lester Fucking Holt or whoever comes on to feed me the latest DNC talking points, all the while pretending those of us who actually love this country and our Constitution are the recalcitrant objectors to "progress".  You want progress?  Go jam your head in a woodchipper.

1. I hate that the tea-party chemical-weapons experiments of the year 2011 were not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  For the cripe's sake, it is only good people standing at the gate that are preventing the zombietard occubullshit from making everybody dumber. 

Hats off to Wirecutter.  May he realize there are other places to live than the occupied territories.

Move to WI... the weather's great, though with Global Warming there will be fewer fish caught through the ice.

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July 19, 2011

Uh oh... Wisconsin Communists may take Majority in State Senate...

Oh well, we might lose the Senate.  

That is too bad.

Wanna know what really sucks?  That 90% of what we wanted is already in place.  Balanced budget (well, actually a surplus in the first time within memory), the right to carry, district boundaries representative of the voters, and finally a move to equilibrate the public-sector employees with those who foot the bill.

And for all the barking, whining, and urinating this way and that like rabid baboons there are those who still do not understand that taking the State Senate by a single vote (if that does indeed happen) does not change the law.

Here's the way it works, children:  First, there's a State Assembly.  You do not control that, but it is integral to make or repeal a law.
Second, there's the Office of the Governor.  You do not control that, either.  But just for yuks, take a look at what this fool has to say on the subject:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/post/exclusive-top-wisconsin-dems-increasingly-worried-that-gop-will-protect-scott-walker-from-recall/2011/03/03/gIQAEkaCMI_blog.html

I don't believe he knows what he's talking about.

Who do you believe will turn out in greater numbers for a Republican Presidential primary, my bongo-banging weirdos?  A) Bongo-banging entitlement monkeys, or B) Patriotic Wisconsin Taxpayers.   Ask yourself honestly.

And further, do you believe that the Trillion-Dollar Man will turn out your (admittedly dimwitted and easily duped) base for the 2012 election?  What will the "Hopey-Changeys" be excited about this time... Oil company loopholes and corporate jets?  Ninja puhleese.

In closing:  The law is rock solid, and poor poor babies can't do a darn thing but pay as the law specifies.

Do it for the children.

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April 28, 2011

It's Official: "Krugman" is a Punchline.

A great post at JammieWearingFool where a leftist drone cites "Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman" at a Sean Duffy town hall event. For those in need of a good laugh, well worth your time.

Watch it here:

JammieWearingFool:  Leftwing Drone Cites "Nobel Prize-Winning Economist" Paul Krugman at Town Hall, Hearty Laughter Ensues

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March 28, 2011

Yes, Magical Accounting...

Liberal IdiotHere's a real gem from "Osh54901", some leftist commenting at the Crapwestern..

"I do believe that I read somewhere that Governor Doyle left the State of Wisconsin with a budget surplus, but the new Governor Walker decided to give the money to the large corporations."

Maybe you believe it, and maybe you believe in the great pumpkin as well. And I'd love to read the source, since anybody who believes such claptrap enough to publish it is clearly either writing satire or huffing gasoline. Where does somebody find such unadulterated horseshit.
The Onion isn't news, Osh54901.

If anybody making these ignorant and false claims cares enough to inform themselves, they might take a moment to read Politifact's take on the issue,


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February 03, 2011

And Now... Introducing....

This is the botnet entry to the Greatest Random Album Cover of All Time contest:

Album Cover

Alameda?  As a band name, it seems almost plausible.  Sure as shit it's a far cry from my actual IRL band name "The Mainview Harmony Sisters".  Myself on Harmonica/Mandolin, Crazy Nancy on accordion, and Cranky Kathy as the dancer.

Mainview Apartments is the subsidized housing for crazy/infirm where Nancy lived at the time.

The band was hot.


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October 18, 2010

Hey, Wisconsin... Why do you hate Polar Bears?

Dear Wisconsin;
Please vote for that communist douchebag Russ "SuperLawyer" Feingold, or the polar bears will all die. Why will the Polar Bears die, you ask?  Because Russ Feingold is all that stands betwixt the sun and the earth.  He's important, see?  And he's a maverick!

It really doesn't matter what that slimy fuck Russ Feingold does between now and his search for a "shovel-ready job", since touchdown dances for the good guys have already started.  Here's mine:

Uncle Tim

 Bye Bye Russ!

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December 15, 2009

Nothing to see here, folks...

Hey, botnet, have you noticed that there is not a conflict of interest at the very top of the IPCC?

Wow, botnet, You are a treasure-trove of truthfully-true information!  Next you'll say it wasn't the Medeival Warm Period that drowned the dinosaurs! That seems just as true!

Well, botnet, maybe you should read about Dr R.K. Pachauri.  This guy is the arbiter of truly-true climate truth, as well as a shining example of truly altruistic benevolence.  There is clearly nooooo ulterior motive.

botnet, would you say it is most likely the dinosaurs did not drown, but they were killed when aliens mounted powerful lasers to the Thunder Lizards to ride into battle against the non-NFL Vikings who rode ancient Polar Battle Bears?

That's interesting, botnet.  It seems as if you are saying we can just create history from whole cloth.  Like we could rewrite history when it didn't fit the narrative of laser wars with dinosaurs.  (That rhymed, botnet.  You should write a haiku immediately as penance)

Yes botnet, it is quite likely as well that the Global Warming™ Deniers™ will not admit to the the truth of alien/lasers, just as they deny Global Warming™. We owe the Polar Bear so much as a people for saving the human race from the aliens and dinosaurs during the floods of the Medeival Warm Period.  Just in time for the fucking Little Ice Age.

End Global Warming™!

We Need Healthcare™!

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December 14, 2009

The MWP Killed the Dinosaurs, Deniers are Immune™.

Isn't it interesting that the same people denying Global Warming™ fail to realize the Medieval Warming™ Period caused the glaciers to melt, drowning the dinosaurs? Do you believe the same thing is happening now, botnet?


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December 02, 2009

Global Warming: America's Chickens.... Have Come Home... To Roost!

As the world gets warmer and warmer, our arguments will thus become more heated.
the botnet has discovered the botnet family "discussions" have elevated at least 1 degree C in the past twenty years due to Global Warming™. AGW will not regress until we agree to one (or some combination) of the following:


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November 05, 2009

Polar Bears Dying from Heat Exhaustion

botnet, is the botnet worried about the plight of polar bears dying at an increasing rate?

Yes, botnet, the botnet cried and cried last night at the plight of the gentle Polar Bear.  As the Global Warming™ Consensus™ becomes more consensical, botnet worries more and more.

A troubling detail emerged last night, when botnet read a new report regarding polar bears, and the new mode of death.

Heat Exhaustion.


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October 25, 2009

The Recession Is Good For Polar Bears

botnet, did you mention the current deficit is $1.4 T (or $1.8T without the "investment value" bailout gimmick), which is triple what it was a year ago?

Wow, botnet. the really smrt people are doing a great job! Now that the U-6 unemployment rate (which is the traditional measure of unemployment) is near 17%? (not the U-3 rate of 9.7)


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October 24, 2009

Racism, Polar Bears, and Grubergian Free Speech™

Now let me be clear™:  All of botnet’s critics are racists.  botnet has learned a thing or two about the First Amendment and racism, and botnet is not an albino. 

botnet has taken time from worrying about polar bears to write this thoughtful, brilliant, and epic post to explore the intrinsic nature of racism and freedom of speech.

Walter E. Williams, a nominal anti-free speech advocate and possible racist published this hate-filled screed advocating his narrow view of free speech.  You’ll be quite disappointed to find there is nary a single word about the desperate plight of the gentle polar bear, but don’t worry.  The guy’s probably a racist and not worth the time to read.


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