March 30, 2011

Fuck the GOP

Presented without further comment:

You have an American Family. They spend $100,000 per year, however, they only make $60,000 per year in income. They are putting $40,000 a year on credit card debt, adding to their overall credit card debt that they have been carrying. Their credit limit is $480,000 (12 times their deficit spending). They are bumping up against that credit limit this year.

The family has to cut ALL credit card spending to avoid going over their credit limit. However, this family is seriously addicted to spending, so they just don’t understand the peril they are in. They go to their financial advisory and offer to cut $1,000 in spending, leaving their credit card spending at $39,000 for the year over and above their income.

This is where we are as a nation. We are running at our credit card limit, and we are only offering to cut a sliver of our overspending.

karenhasfreedom on March 30, 2011 at 9:13 PM

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March 28, 2011

Yes, Magical Accounting...

Liberal IdiotHere's a real gem from "Osh54901", some leftist commenting at the Crapwestern..

"I do believe that I read somewhere that Governor Doyle left the State of Wisconsin with a budget surplus, but the new Governor Walker decided to give the money to the large corporations."

Maybe you believe it, and maybe you believe in the great pumpkin as well. And I'd love to read the source, since anybody who believes such claptrap enough to publish it is clearly either writing satire or huffing gasoline. Where does somebody find such unadulterated horseshit.
The Onion isn't news, Osh54901.

If anybody making these ignorant and false claims cares enough to inform themselves, they might take a moment to read Politifact's take on the issue,


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March 11, 2011

Wisconsin Commies in a Poo-Flinging Fit

DouchebagsWisconsin has been a pretty crazy place the past three weeks, and I'm not even sure at this point how to narrow down to something pithy on the spectacle... there's just so much. 
Thankfully everybody I know in the meat world has been on the right page regarding the public sector union bullshit so I haven't had to tell anybody to fuck off or anything like that.  Recent polls might indicate otherwise, but anecdotally I can testify there isn't a hell of a lot of sympathy for the whining fatasses in the teacher's union from those I've bumped into.  As a matter-of-fact, Mrs. botnet works for a PEU, and despite her agnostic political tilt she's been in Governor Walker's corner throughout the entire Budget Repair Bill debacle.

I don't intend to write a book, but I have a couple thoughts on the state of events here in the Land of Cheese and Beer.

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