October 14, 2014

An ugly, ugly situation.

"And yet one remarkable feature I personally witnessed [snip] ...is the absence of any acknowledgement by the political and media elite that we lost the Iraq war."


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October 13, 2014

The CDC Loses Its Grip

I found the best comment on the intertube here, and here it is:

So accept for argument’s sake that chartered federal agencies are executing political policy instead of, and often at odds with their chartered goals.  Fine.  It is worth it to discern the political goals, and specifically, the mid-range goals from the actions.  Obama "…cannot bring himself to put limits on contacts between Americans and the citizens of the countries…” and this fragment stands on its own.  What limit on contact are we allowed to maintain, other than being driven apart from allies?

If there is a principle which informs this administration’s well-evidenced goal of erasing America’s "limits to contact”, that is, our borders and our security (as well as health) protocols, it can hardly be beyond the pale to make educated guesses about the name of that principle.

If that principle, once named, can be shown to militate against the continued Constitutional functioning of the federal bureaucracy, isn’t there a case to be made?  Why does nobody force the question: How are your actions Constitutional if this_____ is your apparent goal?  If that is not your goal, then what is the purpose behind these ___, ___, and ___ actions?  How are those actions within the mandate of these ___ agencies?

Why have we seen six years of Darrell Issa’s oversight theater and not one single result?  I’m done waiting for someday.  Their ammo makes great fireworks, but nothing is ever fired for effect.  Some on the committee are very impressive, and constitute the core of whom I consider worth a darn in DC.  But despite some great TV moments, there has been no effect other than a few cosmetic resignations.  Lois Lerner was replaced by a sturdier character who is just as implacably opposed to oversight and the rule of law.  Every once in a while some morsel is torn free.  For this we needed six years of supposedly rigorous oversight?

There’s the possibility that oversight pressure played in Holder’s resignation.  but that is a fact not in evidence, and I have a backpack full of such hopes and promises.  At the end of the march, they always turn out to be rocks.

As long as we do not force the question, then the easily predictable collapses of existing orders and therefore "necessary” implementation of new programs and systems is allowed to masquerade as a merely unfortunate series of events, rather than a diabolical plan hatched by Communists.  So sorry that ObamaCare thing didn’t work out, and now there are no insurance companies.  Well, on to single payer then.

It is not as though these people have been quiet or even reluctant to publish their aims, their methods, and their phase lines.  Why does our party generate no effective challenge to this treason by name?  What good is such gentility when it buys us tyranny?  Are we so enamored of good manners that we would rather die politely than live forcefully?

Shall this society continue?  Shall it perish from the earth?  To be, or not to be?

If we are not now at the point where these are the questions before us, when would that be?

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October 09, 2014

Yeah, about that "savings"...

I'll just leave this here:


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December 03, 2013

Three Years.

Bob 12-25-2009Today marks three years.

Some of us assembled over the web and by phone... said the toast and cheer.  Slammed a shot of Bob's favorite, and here we are.

My bud. 

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November 12, 2013

1963: The Communist Agenda

California State University at San Jose
Clark Library, Government Floor
Phone ( 408 )924-2770
Microfilm Call Number: J11.R5
Congressional Record, Vol. 109
88th Congress, 1st Session
Appendix Pages A1-A2842
Jan. 9-May 7, 1963
Reel 12

The book was found in the off campus stacks, was ordered and checked. The quote below was checked against the original and is correct. The few errors in the copy from the Congressional Record are shown in [ ] .
The quote starts on page 259.
California State University at San Jose, Clark Library stacks call number:
Naked Communist
Book title page:
Skousen, W. Cleon. Naked Communist
Salt Lake City, Utah: Ensign Publishing Co.
C. 1961 , 9th edition July 1961.

Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35
January 10, 1963

Current Communist Goals

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September 25, 2013

Coming Home

Coming home from a week out of town for work.

I had made it plain and clear that one cat in the house was already enough, and "why would we ever consider another cat when the one we have is not only annoying, but he'd likely shit all over if we brought another animal into the house?".

One must reserve the right to change one's mind once in a while.

The best decision is not always the first.

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September 11, 2013

Twelve Years Ago.

On a Tuesday morning in September.

In my cassette player Chicago played Carnegie Hall with the late great Terry Kath.  I believe I was into "Mother" or "Lowdown" when I got into what was then the nursing building for Dr. John Plude's Analytical Chem 302 lecture.  Got to the door, last one in... running late like every other day.  There are seven people already seated, and here's the dirtball slacker rolling in the door.  The lecture had already started, figured maybe I'm down like five minutes.

I opened the door and took a step.  Plude looked over, (oh shit maybe he's had it with me...) took a step my way where I'm just trying to slink in like every other day... "Have you seen any news this morning?".

"No, and I didn't mean to..." (come here late)
"There was a plane crash"
"Into the World Trade Center".

---I remembered seeing old accounts of the B-25 that crashed into the Empire State Building on a foggy morning... figured "Ouch... not good for the pilot.". 

"It was a jet"


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April 28, 2013

Spring Turkey Season 2013

Spring turkey 2013 has come and gone. 

For the past four years, I've hunted with my buddies from my wife's family out in the area near their hunting cabin (an old schoolhouse) in the exact center of the state.  These are always fun trips, and it's great to hang out with friends, but in my time since joining only one guy has taken a bird. 

I don't know why we are jinxed.  I hear gobbles o' plenty on many of the hunting days, it just seems as though the turkeys aren't interested in buying what I'm selling.  Until this year.

Boys and girls:  I present to you the 2013 Spring Turkey Top Gun.
Top Gun

Right before he came up, I was sitting there thinking of how many bad days I had while ice fishing this past winter, and how I've yet to shoot a turkey.  "Idiot, if it weren't for the grocery store you'd starve to death."

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March 15, 2013

Urban Forestry

Tomorrow will be a white-knuckle day.

Since my good buddy Bob died, there have been a lot of changes, and here we are at the end of winter and I'm running out of firewood.  Bob and I used to lumberjack together on his land, and then it was only me.  And now the land will be cared for by new owners.

I placed an ad on Craigslist to solicit a barter of work for an allowance to cut firewood.  There were two responses, and the first of which I will endeavor to engage tomorrow.
Hotcakes and I will travel to Fond Du Lac to cut a couple huge branches from a big ol' walnut tree hanging over some fellow's garage. When we first set out I believed we had the tools and machines necessary to address the project (the guy sent me a couple photos from his mobile phone), but this will be a big, scary undertaking.  If everything goes well I might end up with a couple facecord of good firewood for my family.  If it does not go well I could fuck something up or be killed trying to take this thing down.  I'm afraid of this tree.
I'll do my best to have Hotcakes record the operation.  It could be boring, America's Funniest, or Faces of Death footage.  Tomorrow we'll find out.  I hope for the best.

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January 04, 2013

One of my two favorite seasons.

I spent the afternoon clearing snow and ice from a couple leaking church roofs.  High temp in the twenties.  There isn't much one can do to fix things with a foot of residual snow, but as a God-fearing man I will at least show effort.
I'll wake up again in about 5 hours to fish on Lake Winnebago.  Last week the ice was 4" on the bays, but we've had a good cold spell over the last week.  
After a while your blood acclimates to colder temps.  During summertime, 60 degrees is sweatshirt weather.  Now that it is winter, 30 degrees is sweatshirt weather as well.

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December 08, 2012

Packer Tickets, 12-09-2012

I scored tickets for tomorrow's Packer game (versus the perennial failure Detroit Lions) where I'll be in the company of my lovely and darling wife, Mrs. botnet.  Although the Pack hasn't lost at home to the Lions since 1991, there are no sure things in life, and I hope this turns out in our favor.

Packer tickets are supposedly difficult to obtain, given the length of the waiting list for season tickets (currently somewhere around 96,000 names with a wait time of about 955 years), but I've been lucky enough to curry favor with the right people such that I usually attend a game every year.  To those who have yet to attend a Packer game at Lambeau: I am so sorry.  Whether you are a Packer fan or something else, the Packer experience is something amazing.  The good vibe, the friendly fans, the celebration that is a Packer game at home is like Woodstock without all the filthy hippies. 

My seats:  Right on the aisle, row 52.  Here is a video of Brent "What's-his-face?" Favre's last (ever) play at Lambeau two seasons ago, shot from the same seats we shall occupy tommorow:

You'll notice the guy from Hibbing, MN seated next to me, he was a great guy and we shot the shit for a good portion of the game.  You can see that as Moss dropped the Favre pass as time expired, the fellow from Hibbing and I shake hands, and I hope we end up hanging out again sometime the Vikings visit the Packers. 

...Good people in Minnesota, and I like to think the Packer fans are hospitable and friendly as well, especially to visitors.  Though Lambeau is Hallowed Ground, if you love football (and you're not a jerk) I would hope that every Packer fan would make you feel welcome.

It's going to be tough to top the glory of Favre's final defeat at Lambeau, but here's to the Pack mopping the deck with the Lions tomorrow.


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December 03, 2012

On Loss... Year Two.

Today marks two years since I lost my best bud.  Damn.

On the phone with his (and my) adopted brother "Al", we spoke deer hunting, family, spring turkey, friends, and kids... Bob hung on every word.

To you, Bob:  I know you're watching us.  Every word over the phone was about you, Al knows.  I know.  I'm not going to go bawling to Al when he's in worse shape than I... and we're both bawling.  You know.  Two years, man.  Two years.

The womenfolk are getting along with life as well as you might expect.  The little one is bright and misses you.  I'm like a child, and for some reason my eyes keep watering.

Two years.

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November 16, 2012

And the winner is....


Yours truly is the inaugural winner of the Hookers and Booze (dot com) deadpool.  Yeah, that's right... Suck it, commies.  I can predict everything except the stupidity of 51% of America.  To the patriotic, I give you my best.  To the parasitic:  May your children suffer less stupidity than you.  Thanks for the laughs.

And if'n you like booze, boobies, funfunfun, and America, then get your ass over to hookers and booze.  They made me a winner, just imagine what they can do for you!

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November 06, 2012

On the re-election of Baracka Obama

We are fucked.

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November 05, 2012

Election Day Jitters

This election has been a rollercoaster.  Though I try to maintain a veneer of confidence, there are troubling incongruities in polls everywhere... We are to believe the Presidential race is tied, yet many of these polls show a D+7 or D+11 sample set?  We are supposed to accept that the race is tied despite internals showing Indies breaking for the challenger by high single to heavy double digits?
I'm going with my gut, and praying.

My prediction:
Rcp Prediction

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October 29, 2012

Crystal ball time...

Ogolfeline is a goner.

That said, the "lame duck" promises to be ugly, and here are a couple predictions...
The commies will use the debt ceiling fight, coupled with the "taxmageddon" deadline to extract an agreement from the weak-kneed who supposedly represent us.  The agreement, as well as the aftermath will be ugly.

Any increase on "S-corps" will be exactly as bad or worse than free-marketeers (like myself) predict.

Obamacare is a done-deal.  Maybe the worst elements will be pushed off for a few years, but damned if the clock isn't ticking.

Romney/Ryan will last only one term, since the shit economy will be baked in the cake by Obamacare/Tax recidivism.

I have zero optimisim other than Romney/Ryan winning the 2012 election.  Sure, they'll win this thing, but there has been so much shit piled on that we are living the Harrison Bergeron Economy.

I forever curse the man who calls himself "Barack Obama".

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September 16, 2012

We are well and truly boned.

A video from Hal Mason explaining how we are well and truly boned.  May God have mercy.

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September 09, 2012

No more revisionist history.

Carolynr wrote: The day the democrats took over was not 
January 22nd 2009, it was actually January 3rd 2007 the
day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives
and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th Congress.
The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers
for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in

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May 10, 2012

A pithy comment at HotGas

"What is government? What is political power?

Government is the local monopoly of physical violence. That is the most basic definition of government.
That is it. It is forcing you to behave by it’s rules.

A little mental exercise. If you do not pay your taxes what happens? A man with a gun comes and threatens you with violence. Do not follow any government dictate for long enough and you will end up with a gun pointed at you. Which is why every time you hear someone say "They should do something about X”, where "they” invariably means the government you should ask the complainer if the problem is really important enough to have someone get a gun pointed at them.

Now, what is political power at its most basic level? The ability to direct the government to do your bidding.

Is this basic enough for you to understand why the accumulation of massive political power should concern everyone, not just Conservatives?"

Nathan_OH on May 10, 2012 at 10:12 AM

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May 05, 2012

The Rally In The Fox Valley (Updated)

Today I'll attend the Rally in the Fox Valley right here in good ol' Sloshkosh.  All four Republican US Senate candidates are slated to attend and speak, along with such luminaries as Lt. Gov Kleefisch, Mark Block, Rick Gudex, and others.  Governor Walker, Paul Ryan, and Herman Cain are invited to attend and address the rally, but there has been no confirmation.  I'll be happy either way. 
It is currently overcast and dreary outside, and I'm hoping like hell the rain holds off.  If I don't drink too much beer I'll post photos and shit later, but if it isn't raining I'll burn wood in the backyard.  And drink beer.

Rally in the Fox Valley

The rally was well attended, and I happened to meet my brother and nephew there under the TGFSW (Thank God For Scott Walker) banner.  I showed a bit late due to family obligations, but compared to previous TEA Party rallies the crowd size was at least double.  The takeaway:  people are ginned up for the recall election, and boy howdy am I optimistic. 

After the rally, I recommended a nearby dive for drinks and conversation with like-minded folks.  Yeah, the Trail's End is a townie tavvie, but I know the owner.  I believe he is a conservative because he's crabby, and to me it's pretty much the same thing.  I made a couple friends, and came away with a sense of optimism which I previously lacked.  Mark these words:  Scott Walker shall serve AT LEAST eight years as Governor of the State of Wisconsin.  TGFSW.

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