April 30, 2012

Spring Turkey 2012

It was a fun time swilling beer with the guys (and gals). I got skunked again this year, but at least everybody else was unsuccessful as well. Friday morning was absolutely frigid, and I was underdressed for the temp, and worse yet hunkered in a blind trying to call the birds in. The toms were gobbling and seemed all over the area I was hunting, but were uninterested in approaching my call. The gobbling ended at about 9:00, and then it just got boring. And cold... way too cold to sleep.

Saturday the temperature was a bit higher, though the toms weren't gobbling. The rain and wind quieted the birds down, and I got only one bird to respond to my call. I set about to get closer to the call (from the direction of the river to the south of my blind), but I received only one response after I moved. That was it for the day.

Here is a porcupine that I didn't shoot.
Sunday, said "screw the blind, I'm wearing camo, and it's frickin' cold out" so I set out "runnin' and gunnin'". I received responses about half an hour's hike from the trailhead, and followed him into the woods calling to maintain contact and direction. Once again the bird wasn't interested in meeting me, as he moved away whenever I'd get closer. I chased him for about two hours until he crossed the river, and taunted me with gobbles in tall grass about 150 yards away.

Good times. Next year I'm going to blast a big tom, I promise.

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April 25, 2012

Tomorrow: It Begins.

The hunt for the elusive and dangerous forest chicken.  I'll be drinking with a bunch of old dudes out at the cabin, then waking extra early to freeze my ass off in the woods.
The shotgun is clean and oiled, I have a flask of alcohol, and a copy of Skousen's 5000 Year Leap.
I hope to shoot something this year.  Or at least see something.

We shall see.

I'll try to take a couple photos if anything fun besides boozin' happens.

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April 16, 2012

Excellent Quote, Dude.

From John Venlet at the excellent blog Improved Clinch:

"In response, I’ll quote a thought of Epictetus, again, as he has recently been firing my mind.

When any person does ill by you, or speaks ill of you, remember that he acts or speaks from a supposition that it is his duty.  Now, it is not possible that he should follow what appears to be right to you, but only what appears so to himself.  Therefore, if he judges from a wrong appearance, he is the person hurt, since he, too, is the person deceived.  For if any one supposes a true proposition to be false, the proposition is not hurt, but he who is deceived about it.  Setting out, then, from these principles, you will mildly bear with one who reviles you, for you will say upon every occasion: "It seemed so to him.” (bold by ed.)

Posted by John Venlet  on  04/16  at  01:50 PM"

Improved Clinch... now linked in the sidebar.

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April 02, 2012

Rasmussen Discovers Idjits in Wisconsin

The results of a recent Rasmussen poll have concluded that Wisconsin is composed of roughly 52% idiot.  It's going to be close, boys and girls.

If Walker goes down to the likes of Union toadie Kathleen Falk, we truly are boned. 

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