April 22, 2016


I've had an interest in photography of high places that stretches back at least 15 years.  Mountains, cliffs, buildings, antennae, precipices, caverns, whatever.

I'm going to resurrect this blog to share some of the fun images I've collected over the years.  I do not care whether anybody uses my photos, or else I wouldn't post them.  Please enjoy.

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September 25, 2013

Coming Home

Coming home from a week out of town for work.

I had made it plain and clear that one cat in the house was already enough, and "why would we ever consider another cat when the one we have is not only annoying, but he'd likely shit all over if we brought another animal into the house?".

One must reserve the right to change one's mind once in a while.

The best decision is not always the first.

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January 16, 2012

Occupy Lake Winnebago

Today was beautiful, and though the warm weather made for comfortable fishing, it wasn't helping the ice.

Winnebago System_ Fahrney PointI hooked up with "The Prison Guard" and one of his buddies early this morning to fish off Fahrney Point (locally known as the "Jesuit Retreat").  It's a bit south of where I typically fish, but we had heard the perch were hitting out there, so we decided to take a shot.

The arrow points to the Jesuit Retreat, and feel free to embiggenify by clicking the image.

I drank almost all of the beer in my fridge during (and mostly after) the season-ending Packer loss to the Giants yesterday evening, and slept a bit later than intended.  I made it to the ice at about 7:15 with the sun just breaking the Eastern horizon.  Fahrney Point OverviewIt's a bit of a walk to reach the opening of the bay, and I was happy for it because breaking a sweat (dragging about 150 lbs of gear) cleared some of the cobwebs.  (Click the image to do something, or something.)  As you can see, there is a long channel to traverse before reaching the fishing spots (labeled "first" and "second" in the order we fished them).  Snow on the ice makes it much more difficult to haul gear than glare.

Contour MapOur first set of the day was in about 8 feet of water on 4 inch ice.  There was plenty of perch action, but most were too small.  It is kind of a pain in the ass to continually re-bait your jig after some runt stole your grub.  We sat for a while jigging (while our tip-ups saw no real action), then decided to move. 

The second set was in about 10 feet of water on about 2 to 3 inch ice.  A bit thin for my taste, but what the hell.  To reach the second spot, we had to traverse a pressure crack... not usually a big deal, but our ice has been poor all year, and going past the point the ice is even worse than the bays. 

Falling ThroughI was in the lead as my buddies were wrapping up their gear when I set off.  We cross pressure cracks all the time, and you're always watching for crap ice.  In this case, there was open water hidden under a veneer created by blowing snow collecting on an open crack.  The snow sucked up water from below which froze in a thin shell across the top.  It looked fine until you walked it.  The point marked "A" is where I stepped through the hidden crack, and point "B" is where "The Prison Guard" stepped through damn near to his balls, soaking his boot and spilling his gear everywhere. 

I used the fishcam all day, and we hit plenty of perch, along with a few white bass.  I saw a sturgeon on the cam for my first time, which was pretty cool.

I did not catch the first fish, nor did I catch the biggest or most.  There's always next time.

And lest I forget to mention, Barack Hussein Obama is an affirmative-action communist limp-wristed femme.

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January 15, 2012

No Joy in Titletown

PackerThe score? Lots and lots of points against too few. The "dagger" (try a google of "wayne larrivee dagger" if you don't recognize the reference) came in the middle of the fourth when the Pack was down two scores and allowed a first down giving the Giants the opportunity to score their final TD to complete the braining of my beloved Pack.

It was a fun, fun, FUN!!!! season, but with a shit defense like we fielded all year, no team should expect to be a contender. Couple the shit defense with three lost fumbles, a receiver corps with a case of the "dropsies", and a stellar QB (#12, Aaron Rodgers) who over or under threw too many passes and you have yourself a loss... and not just any type of loss, my friends... A season-ender. Despite the best efforts of the referees to throw the game in favor of the Pack, the game was lost. (image stolen from http://www.sportprediction.net/)

If you look on the bright side, at least Aaron Rodgers will have the opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl, but I'm not inclined to look on the bright side right about now. I'm more inclined to swill the rest of the Milwaukee Best in the refrigerator, then kick my dog in the balls. Except I don't have a dog. And it isn't his fault anyway, hypothetically.

Alas, the Packers snatch a season-ender from the jaws of fait accompli. I suppose I'll mourn for a while, then find something else to do. I hate basketball, and baseball is a couple months away.


Tomorrow:  Your Lake Winnebago ice fishing report.  I predict I shall catch the most, as well as the biggest. 

And one last thing.... Barack Hussein Obama is a limp-wristed dickless SCOAMF.

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January 11, 2012

"Fuck The Troops", Wisconsin State Senator Endorses.

King and Murphy

It never ceases to amaze me, the depths of depravity to which the commies will sink.  Here's a taste:

The fact this filthy piece of shit Ian Murphy is held up by the left as some kind of fucking hero for punking the Great and Noble Statesman Governor Scott Walker serves as a reminder of the type of weapons-grade idiocy we suffer from those whom we oppose.  These are the people who seek to run this place.  They believe they are right, and we are wrong.  They call us stupid.

What you have here is State Senator Jessica King (Marxist-Oshkosh) yukking it up with their clever hero, out collecting signatures in their attempt to dispose of Governor Walker.  Jessica King rode the wave of commie fury at the bold and honest actions of Governor Walker (and the brave Statesmen in the state legislature who passed Act 10) to get her rump elected in the State Senate Recall election.  She must be so proud.

I'm sure that Jessica King (Commie - District 18 ) and the ingrate piece of shit Ian Murphy are great pals... Fellow travelers.

I question not only Jessica King's judgement, but her patriotism.  Surely she knows about Ian Murphy's disgusting bullshit.  And since she hasn't taken the time to issue a statement one way or the other, one can only imagine she isn't embarrassed in the least. 

I'm betting she agrees.

Email State Senator King:  Sen.King@legis.wisconsin.gov

h/t:  Sykes Writes

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November 27, 2011

Experimental Winemaking.

I've had a project in the works since August, but didn't want to share since I wasn't sure how things would turn out.  This was my first attempt at brewing home hooch...

What you see here is the Raw Materialsremainder of the fruit harvested at Johnny Hotcakes' orchard down the block.  To the left are apples and pears, and to the right is a bin of purple plums. The bin is leftovers from the five gallons used to make a plum "must" (that's the pulp used to make your hooch).

Here's my recipe:

...more below the fold

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August 11, 2011

The Failed WI Senate Recall Bid.

I've let the occasion of the WI Senate coup come and go.  Now the excitement has subsided, and I've collected my thoughts and sobered up.  The WI Senate ramifications as I see it:

1)  The commies were claiming this entire time that they should be judged a majority based on how many filthy commies they managed to assemble at the State Capitol for weeks on end.  I guess the idea is that if THEY could demonstrate in such numbers people would assume there were many more who sympathized.  The problem is, most regular people have jobs.  In general, people with jobs do not attend communist protests because either they are working, or they resent the fact much of what they work for is stolen to pay for the sloth and extortion the bongo-bangers defend as a "right".  The dirty bastards put more money into a mere six (6) State Senate races than was spent on the entire State for the duration of the gubernatorial election.  They came up short.

More below the fold...

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March 11, 2011

Wisconsin Commies in a Poo-Flinging Fit

DouchebagsWisconsin has been a pretty crazy place the past three weeks, and I'm not even sure at this point how to narrow down to something pithy on the spectacle... there's just so much. 
Thankfully everybody I know in the meat world has been on the right page regarding the public sector union bullshit so I haven't had to tell anybody to fuck off or anything like that.  Recent polls might indicate otherwise, but anecdotally I can testify there isn't a hell of a lot of sympathy for the whining fatasses in the teacher's union from those I've bumped into.  As a matter-of-fact, Mrs. botnet works for a PEU, and despite her agnostic political tilt she's been in Governor Walker's corner throughout the entire Budget Repair Bill debacle.

I don't intend to write a book, but I have a couple thoughts on the state of events here in the Land of Cheese and Beer.

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November 22, 2010

Communists like trains

This past Saturday, Sloshkosh witnessed the largest collection of commies since Russ Feingold held his "Vote Early, Vote Often" rally at the Osh University campus. The caring, enlightened and smrt people of Oshkosh got together in jaw-dropping numbers. For a wonderful organization usually assembled over fair-trade coffee sniveling about "blood for oil", "Chimpy McBushitler", "evil "teabaggers"", or some other shit, this assembly was larger than Algore's mighty chakra.
-This Saturday, the protest du jour was in favor of miracle trains, and the true believers were out in full cohort. Almost twenty were on hand, worshiping at the altar of eco-sensibility before driving home alone... Almost TWENTY!


But hey, Mussolini made the trains run on time, right?

That's right, boys and girls, the Wisconsin "High-Speed" Rail project, funded with ostensibly "free" federal cash (to the tune of $810 million printed and borrowed), is the darling of Gaia's Chosen People, the secular humanist neo-marxo-communist left.

How many gentle Polar Bears will the train project save?

By itself? Fucking none, unless you count the environmental impact of businesses that will never come to be due to the ease of transporting silk-stocking lawyers between Madison and Milwaukee to fuck with the private sector.
--If you include the waste of cash, legal interference, and general frustration this project will make possible for latte libs to inflict on Wisconsin business, then this thing is a fucking MUST.

"Listen up, Foo -- the botnet wants to MARRY this train!"

Yes, the latte leftist lawyers ride BMWs or slum in the chartered Learjet high above the great unwashed as of now, but think of how much more effective the business killers could be with Wi-Fi on a "high-speed" (but not so high-speed) choo-choo! Think of the billable hours, man! Do it for the children!

Scott Walker plans to kill the project, and in so doing will kill more Poley Bears than butterfly wings in India.

Commies 2

And please bear in mind, communism is great, and we need more lawyers, and money doesn't mean a thing, and Darth Cheney, and Polar Bears.

End Global Warming!

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October 10, 2010

Another Gem from the Oshkosh Crapwestern

We in Sloshkosh love to laugh.  We also love to point at idiots, morons, and any other type of liberal while laughing hysterically at how stupid they are.  And that's why we love our local leftist newsrag, the Oshkosh Crapwestern.

Imagine the hilarity in the botnet house upon seeing the latest limp-wristed attempt at a hit piece titled "Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson nets savings on prison labor"

"Public records show that Pacur Inc. and Dynamic Drinkware LLC, two companies run by Johnson, employ up to nine inmates at a time through a state Corrections Department jobs program.

Johnson's companies offer private health insurance to the regular employees at the Oshkosh factories. But Melissa Roberts, an executive assistant with the Corrections Department, said the companies don't have to cover the inmate worke rs. "The benefit is that they don't have to pay health benefits," she said."

What a bunch of horseshit.

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October 24, 2009

We Need A Choo-Choo to Oshkosh!

botnet tried to go across town this afternoon at 5:00, and was reminded of the saying, "At least he made the trains run on time...".  We need Jim Doyle to step up to the plate like Mussolini.  botnet is sick of all these Escalades and Limousines holding up traffic at 41 and 21.  We took down the Kwik-Trip, now let's get rid of the Escalades. 

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