December 05, 2011

Wine Label

I have named and created a label for my 2011 plum wine.

Here is the label design: (Click to embiggen)

Hobo Bait

I look forward to sharing the fruity goodness with friends and family.  If they don't like it, they may set it on the porch and wait for vagabonds.  I'm sure our hobo friends can smell that shit from a mile away. 

Perhaps if I gift the hooch for Christmas I'll include a can of baked beans with every bottle.

Happy Hunting!

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December 03, 2011

On Loss.

bobToday marks one year.

Days such as this are happy when thinking of the fun times... and unbearable thinking of what is missing. 

I have a buddy in heaven... I know that sonofabitch ain't crying right now (other than I drank all his Jack).

Take a moment to let people know how you love them.  Enjoy time.

We all miss you Bobby.  See you when I see you. 

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