October 29, 2012

Crystal ball time...

Ogolfeline is a goner.

That said, the "lame duck" promises to be ugly, and here are a couple predictions...
The commies will use the debt ceiling fight, coupled with the "taxmageddon" deadline to extract an agreement from the weak-kneed who supposedly represent us.  The agreement, as well as the aftermath will be ugly.

Any increase on "S-corps" will be exactly as bad or worse than free-marketeers (like myself) predict.

Obamacare is a done-deal.  Maybe the worst elements will be pushed off for a few years, but damned if the clock isn't ticking.

Romney/Ryan will last only one term, since the shit economy will be baked in the cake by Obamacare/Tax recidivism.

I have zero optimisim other than Romney/Ryan winning the 2012 election.  Sure, they'll win this thing, but there has been so much shit piled on that we are living the Harrison Bergeron Economy.

I forever curse the man who calls himself "Barack Obama".

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