October 24, 2009

Why all the AstroTurf Outrage?

We can all remember the campaign. 

“But as I've said many times before™”...

“Let me be clear™”...

We can't just keep doing the same old things and getting all ”wee-weed up™” .  We need “hope and change™” before we can address the most important crisis, Global Warming™.

There are other people in my neighborhood who think they are above the law.  The botnet is sick of it.  They put noisy cards in their spokes and make such a racket riding up and down the block this way and that.  This Way and THAT!

If we don't act now to take over medicine and the related industries our deficits will grow larger and larger.  Global Warming™ did not make the rest of the world safer, like they promised after we put the embargo on Cuba (or if you prefer: "Cuber™"), or even when we implemented “Cash for Clunkers™” to help save on healthcare.  And if we don't put an end to all these imported pets, our Global Warming™ will be positively insatiable.  That's why people with birthmarks need to step up to the plate.  When the oceans rise, they'll really be in trouble.  Meanwhile, they run around pretending it’s only the rest of us.  The son of botnet has a stupid tattoo, but can botnet count that as a birthmark on the botnet tax returns?  Not this year.

You might not like the way Global Warming™  is bound-and-determined to raise your insurance bill, but it is a fact the two are inextricably related.  And if the sea ice is gone, you'll all be drinking mojitos wondering why the world’s ice is isn't quite as tasty as it used to be.  Have you ever been to the North Pole?  Man, that ice is SALTY!  There might not be any salt when the ice caps are gone.  And your healthcare bills will go through the roof.  You flat-earthers will be quite sad when the Global Warmers™ are completely and totally vindicated by the world experiencing more and more racism.  That’s why we must stimulate the economy, because the racistly-racist healthcare warming™ is putting more and more guns in the streets. 


And by the way, the botnet went through botnet's budget line by line, with a scalpel.  That's why we need Global Warming™.  The botnet is not normally a praying man, but if you can hear botnet, Global Warming™; the botnet beseeches you: “WHY CAN’T THE BOTNET HAVE HEALTHCARE™?”

 botnet's toenails are in pretty good shape, but they're getting long because we as a nation are afraid to admit the truth:  The Debate is Over™:  Global Warming™ is a fact™.  botnet is sure nobody will cut them for me if we cannot healthcare this deficit Global Warming™.

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