September 02, 2011

Wedge Issues.

Democrat in a JarOn the topic of the former NARAL chair running for office as a Socialist.

"So far only one objection to a potential candidate - about abortion.

No objections about zero taxes paid by many of our major corporations, no objections about the 15% tax rate for hedge fund managers (while the rest of us mopes pay 34%). No objections about our rotting bridges, highways, sewers while construction workers sit at home unemployed and while the bond borrowing rates are low. No objections about the lack of progress on improving our environment. No objections about our failing education rates."

And below the fold... a rebuttal.

My take...

I am in favor of abortion for those who advocate the procedure. All of them.  Since the advocates can't decide exactly what is a baby or not, how sure are they of their own humanity?  May they be dispensed with a suction hose.

I have no objection to zero taxes paid by corporations. In fact, corporate income taxes are double-dipping by the government who also taxes the income of those employed by the corporation. Is the corporation an individual? When it comes to campaign finance the lefties say no, but when it comes to income tax they say yes... can't have it both ways, children.

I have no objection to evil rich people paying a low tax rate, I do object to the 47% of working adults who pay nothing in federal income tax.

I object to rotting bridges, highways and sewers... and I abhor the waste and cronyism which prevents tax dollars from ever reaching worthwhile endeavors. I'm tired of looters and moochers living off the public dole for generations while people like me haul their deadweight. And if anybody thinks borrowing money from children yet to be born to build a choo-choo nobody will ride will be some fantastic panacea, they are sadly mistaken. And nuts to the low borrowing rates.

I do not object to the "lack of progress" on "improving" our environment. Apparently neither does the Golfer-in-Chief based on his lack of concern for poor smog-ridden babies. That heartless cad. He's just like me, except I'm not some limp-wristed SCOAMF neo-marxist.

And maybe people bemoaning the "falling education rates" should check if there's some sort of correlation with generational welfare and the death of the two-parent family. I'm not that interested to check for myself, and I'm so poorly edumacated I can't read in the first place.

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1 Very nice, and very true. What sickens me is the double standards the left uses to justify their policies.

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