March 05, 2012

Verify the Recall Update, Housecleaning, and other Somesuch.

From the inbox this morning...

It's official! Verify The Recall will launch our publicly accessible, online, searchable database for recall petition signatures during the evening of Wednesday, March 7, 2012!

This program is made possible because of the incredible data entry efforts made by VTR Volunteers in recent weeks. THANK YOU for all of your hard work!

Wonderful news.

There is an incomplete list circulating (with a search tool) which can be found at Put Wisconsin First, but the Verify The Recall searchable database will go live on Wednesday night.  I presume the VTR database will most likely be found through the VTR website

I'm absolutely delighted that the data entry is complete for the Walker challenge.   I believe there was a substantial drop off in enthusiasm as the days (then weeks) dragged on.  I began to worry we'd not complete. 
In other news, I attended the "It's Working Wisconsin Town Hall" event sponsored by Americans For Prosperity and the MacIver Institute.  Speakers included Luke Hilgeman (State Director of the AFP Foundation), Brian Fraley from the MacIver Institute, Rep Robin Vos (WI Joint Finance Co-Chair), Rep Jim Steineke, and Ben Schneider (Oshkosh School Board). 

One of the highlights was the new video effort by AFP and MacIver to showcase the results of Act 10.  Check out their website HERE.

mark_neumannIt was great, and afterward one of the Oshkosh TEA Party activists let me know US Senate Candidate Mark Neumann would be dropping through the Republican HQ in Oshkosh.  Neumann is a proven budget slasher, and is endorsed by Senators Rand Paul and Jim DeMint (two conservative rock-stars if ever there were).  I've concluded that this is his time, and he is the man.  Mark Neumann is the best choice to represent Wisconsin in our war against the bastard commie horde.  Neumann for Senate 2012!

Screw the commies, and Baracka Hussein SCOAMF Obama is a limp-wristed Marxist bitch. 

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1 Thanks Bot!

In terms of Neumann, well in a choice between and Tommy I would choose Mark but not without some hesitation.  Sorry he has some past that shows he can be a bit of Rino at times BUT Tommy likes to spend and frankly choices you make in your private life do reflect the type of man you are.

Posted by: Lizard at March 07, 2012 01:51 PM (kAaY/)

2 I agree with your assessment, Lizard.  I had issues with Neumann due to the actions of he and his supporters in the Gubernatorial primary versus Scott Walker, but in this race Neumann is the man.  He claims he's an arch fi-con in office, and I believe his record in the house bears that out.

Tommy Thompson loved him some Obamacare, and sure was cozy with Sebelius and Daschle.  (I'd get all involved in documenting his transgressions, but I don't wish to get buried in the weeds right now). 

And besides, the guy will likely only serve a single term (he is, after all, like, old, and stuff) and we'll have to re-fight for this seat once again in six years. 

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3 Neumann has a number of things in his voting record that make him a bit of a rino but better than Tommy.

I may not agree with Kohl's politics but at least he has not embarrassed WI the way Feingold did :-)

Posted by: Lizard at March 11, 2012 09:59 PM (kAaY/)

4 True that.  I've heard some Hovne (or whatever) commercials on the radio... but I believe the "carpetbagger" rap might be tough for him to beat.  He has put on some great radio ads, though. 

At thip point, I'm Neumann.  Guess maybe I'll hold my fire to see how things shake out for a little while.

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