January 24, 2012


The BestI've been deliberate in my efforts to avoid listening to the SCOAMF, but I'm going to try a little experiment this evening.

I bought a case of Milwaukee Best* this evening, and I'm going to drink every time that limp-wristed Marxist fuck plays the class-warfare card.

It should be interesting, and I have work on speed-dial in case things go terribly wrong (if, for instance, I listen to the entire thing).  Milwaukee Best comes in a 30 pack, and that's a lot of firepower.

Wish me luck.

*UPDATE*  I barely made it ten minutes.  Two beers in 5 minutes, and I decided the SCOAMF is too difficult to take.  Fuck.  If I'm going to drink beer, I prefer to enjoy it, not get all worked up because some lying piece of shit living in fantasy-land comes on the TeeVee and starts talking up "green jobs".

We really can't be rid of Ogolfeline soon enough.

*Of course I know it's "Milwaukee's Best", not "Milwaukee Best", I continue stating the name in that manner to honor a friend. 

Beeder-Bup!  Heyyyyyy-Aaah!

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1 The Poison Control Center has already been contacted and the Med-Evac helicopter has been dispatched to pick up your beer-bloated, comatose body.  Just leave the front door unlocked.

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