May 05, 2012

The Rally In The Fox Valley (Updated)

Today I'll attend the Rally in the Fox Valley right here in good ol' Sloshkosh.  All four Republican US Senate candidates are slated to attend and speak, along with such luminaries as Lt. Gov Kleefisch, Mark Block, Rick Gudex, and others.  Governor Walker, Paul Ryan, and Herman Cain are invited to attend and address the rally, but there has been no confirmation.  I'll be happy either way. 
It is currently overcast and dreary outside, and I'm hoping like hell the rain holds off.  If I don't drink too much beer I'll post photos and shit later, but if it isn't raining I'll burn wood in the backyard.  And drink beer.

Rally in the Fox Valley

The rally was well attended, and I happened to meet my brother and nephew there under the TGFSW (Thank God For Scott Walker) banner.  I showed a bit late due to family obligations, but compared to previous TEA Party rallies the crowd size was at least double.  The takeaway:  people are ginned up for the recall election, and boy howdy am I optimistic. 

After the rally, I recommended a nearby dive for drinks and conversation with like-minded folks.  Yeah, the Trail's End is a townie tavvie, but I know the owner.  I believe he is a conservative because he's crabby, and to me it's pretty much the same thing.  I made a couple friends, and came away with a sense of optimism which I previously lacked.  Mark these words:  Scott Walker shall serve AT LEAST eight years as Governor of the State of Wisconsin.  TGFSW.

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