January 17, 2012

Feingold the Undeclared Commie Frontrunner in Walker Recall?

Fucking CommiesIs there a chance that the Statist commie former Senator Russ Feingold will throw his hat in the ring for the Wisconsin Governorship should there be enough validated signatures to force a recall election of the brave and Honorable Governor Scott Walker?

Ann Althouse seems to think so.

Althouse pens a strong argument regarding the particulars of Feingold's situation... and though I consider Feingold a communist, a Statist, and a big-spender, Althouse believes Feingold to be a duplicitous liar as well.  I guess I hadn't considered that aspect. 

Feingold, the creepy little bitch who cast the 60th and deciding vote to saddle my child with the burdens of the Obama Porkulus as well as Obamacare (the fundamental transformation of the relationship between the government and We The People), has claimed for some time he has no interest in running for office in 2012. 

Though the Althouse piece was penned in late November, and she has exhibited exceedingly poor judgement in the past, I believe her argument in this case to be plausible.  Time will tell.

Given the reasons Althouse laid out, one might further her argument given the lay of the land.  The commies have handed over "one million" signatures for review to force a recall election, far beyond their goal of 700K.  Despite numerous allegations of foul play, it will be difficult to prove fraud on an individual basis in numbers sufficient to deny the recall.  The reality is, there is a high likelihood Walker will face a recall election.  Feingold is a statist degenerate neo-communist, but other than that he's a savvy politician.  He surely sees the weak field of commie candidates, and surely is deluded by the vocal minority to believe in a high likelihood of a commie winning against our beloved Governor Walker. 

And a brief look at the weak field of challengers...
Tim Cullen:  A "moderate", long-time placeholder for the commies in one of the out-regions of the State.  Since there are no "moderates" in the agitated commie party, I give him zero chance of emerging the victor in a WI commie primary.  Probably a nice guy, just not screwed up enough to be the WI democrat masthead.

Tom Barrett:  Lost to Walker by 6 percentage points in the gubernatorial election of 2012, and pissed all over Walker saying "Walker acts like a king" when Barrett was trying to raise cash, but turned around and utilized the ability provided by Act 10 to rein in union pay and benefits in the next Milwaukee budget.  Some might call this hypocrisy (such as the unions who met with the guy to discourage him from entering the recall race despite his favorable polling above the other commie candidates), I call it acting like an ungrateful bitch.

David Obey:  There's one crabby, and tainted bitch who's still wiping the shit from his lips after his stint with Obama.

Kathleen Falk:  The presumptive nominee, who is so completely controlled by the lib commie unions she needs to sit on a knee with a a fist up her ass to give a speech.  Given her success as Dane County Exec, she's not going to beat Barrett.  And Barrett won't beat Feingold.

A bunch of crap candidates, who objectively will have a hell of a hard time ousting Walker. 

It seems a fair prediction that the commie Feingold will enter the race.  Fucking liar.

Also, Barack Obama is a limp-wristed SCOAMF.

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1 You really shouldn't hold your feeling in like this, it's gonna give you a coronary!
Seriously, Walker seems to be listening to the majority of the good people in your State, and it would be a good thing if other folks holding the same office as Walker might try and emulate him (Mr. Quinn, are you listening???).
Now it looks like it is going to be time for all those who are of a like mind, "to put their vote where their mouth is".  Yes,  you do have Madison and Milwaukee to counter-act, but it is not quite as hard a hill to climb as we have down here on the other side of the Cheddar Curtain.  Chicago, Springfield, East St Louis, and various other points on the map, have tilted things far more too the left than we are comfortable with.  But we don't have the bodies to normally counter  that.  I am willing to be (or at least hope) that you good people do.  
Best of luck in slapping your libtards around.

Posted by: Guy S at January 18, 2012 06:29 PM (58Ewj)

2 Hey GuyS.

Unfortunately, there is a dearth of current polling regarding Walker's approval rating.  I believe I saw a Rasmussen from November indicating Walker at 47-47 of likely voters, which is crazy.  Here's a guy willing to stand up to the lib bullcrap and he's only at 47 approve?  It's a crime.

I'm afraid that the commies are all riled up and will turn out the bums and idjits, while the low-info voters might sit this thing out.  Of course the Liberty-loving among us (the base) would crawl through broken glass to support Governor Walker, but as for the "indies"?  Their limited awareness likely starts and ends with a dim comprehension that Governor Walker "sure pissed a lot of people off...  And since it's not good to be pissing people off, then it's okay to let somebody else have a go of it."

I'm not confident in the outcome of the recall, and if Feingold gets in, the situation goes from questionable to dire.

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