November 05, 2009

Polar Bears Dying from Heat Exhaustion

botnet, is the botnet worried about the plight of polar bears dying at an increasing rate?

Yes, botnet, the botnet cried and cried last night at the plight of the gentle Polar Bear.  As the Global Warming™ Consensus™ becomes more consensical, botnet worries more and more.

A troubling detail emerged last night, when botnet read a new report regarding polar bears, and the new mode of death.

Heat Exhaustion.

Yes, botnet, the polar bears aren’t equipped for the blazing heat of the arctic, botnet.  They do not have Obamacare either.  While we dither all the live-long day worrying about Juggalos and the new trash bins, Polar Bears are dying because they cannot afford health insurance.

Yes, botnet, Global Warming™ is a problem.  Remember the guy who caught a piranha in Lake Winnebago?

Just as fish are fleeing tropical waters for higher latitudes as their homes boil, near the top of the feverish earth the Polar Bears are running out of real estate.  Besides, botnet, the polar bear population is between 20 and 25 thousand, (compared to 5000 in 1950) meaning more Polar Bears are dying than at any time in recorded history.  This is part of the problem.


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