September 06, 2011

Aggie Throws the Gauntlet.

LC Aggie Sith has issued a challenge.

I think she called you a chicken.

You aren't a chicken, are you?  Chicken?

Bawk!  Bawk!

More below the fold...

#1:  Does the botnet have a favorite candy?  No, not really.  About ten years ago, I just kind of lost my sweet tooth.  I guess sugar and EtOH are chemically similar.  I'll take EtOH.

#2:  Does the botnet have a favorite movie?  There are many great movies, and I rarely see them, but Night of the Living Dead is a classic.  Old Clint Eastwood films are fun.  Aw shit, I don't watch a hell of a lot of movies.

#3:  The botnet has a favorite drink.  That is bourbon on the rocks.  And not on a schoolnight.

#4:  Favorite dessert:  See #3.

#5:  Favorite city:  I believe Chattanooga is beautiful, for much the same reason as is La Crosse.

#6:  What is the most favored pastime?  I enjoy working in the garage or the woods.  I also enjoy reading.  If I can drink beer while doing either it's like being fellated by angels.

#7:  Favorite clothing:  I swear by my RedWing workboots.  A more comfortable safety-toe work boot has never been made by mankind.  We are blessed to live in these times, if you can discount the rest of the bullshit.  Other than that.... they really are great boots.  I'm going on three years on a single pair, where other brands fail after five or six months.  They are unbelievable.  The toebox is roomy, the soles are flexible yet robust.  Go buy a pair... they are awesome.

#8:  Favorite animal:  Poley bears.  I also like Bees....    Boo Bees.

#9:  Yes, I have a favorite flower.  I am enamored with the lovely daisy that is Mrs. botnet. 

#10: What is the best kind of music?  Depends on what day it is... There's lots out there to be loved.  Some days it's old soul and R&B, some days it's chick indie, some days bluegrass, cajun, or polka.  Lots of jazz or boogaloo never hurt anybody either.  If you're not broadening your interests through time you're probably not doing right by the gift the Lord gave you.

And there it is, folks!  the challenge is answered.

Stop by Aggie's place (she's awesome) and give her props. 

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1 Yay!!! Very cool!!

I laughed at #3, spewed at #6, and teared up at number #9

Posted by: LC Aggie Sith at September 07, 2011 06:03 AM (+bSoE)

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