October 25, 2009

The Recession Is Good For Polar Bears

botnet, did you mention the current deficit is $1.4 T (or $1.8T without the "investment value" bailout gimmick), which is triple what it was a year ago?

Wow, botnet. the really smrt people are doing a great job! Now that the U-6 unemployment rate (which is the traditional measure of unemployment) is near 17%? (not the U-3 rate of 9.7)


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October 24, 2009

Racism, Polar Bears, and Grubergian Free Speech™

Now let me be clear™:  All of botnet’s critics are racists.  botnet has learned a thing or two about the First Amendment and racism, and botnet is not an albino. 

botnet has taken time from worrying about polar bears to write this thoughtful, brilliant, and epic post to explore the intrinsic nature of racism and freedom of speech.

Walter E. Williams, a nominal anti-free speech advocate and possible racist published this hate-filled screed advocating his narrow view of free speech.  You’ll be quite disappointed to find there is nary a single word about the desperate plight of the gentle polar bear, but don’t worry.  The guy’s probably a racist and not worth the time to read.


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