October 24, 2009

What's behind the townhall insanity? Racistly-Racist Racism.

             The Writing of teabagger Mark Steyn the presumable racist

"I suppose it’s possible that opposition to the federal government’s annexation of one-sixth of the U.S. economy is being driven by nostalgia for segregated lunch counters. And no doubt, if you write for the New York Times or teach race and gender studies at American colleges for long enough, it seems entirely reasonable, listening to a patient profess satisfaction with her present health insurance arrangements, to respond, “You know, if you re-sewed the back of that hospital gown so your ass wasn’t showing, your Klan sheet would be as good as new.”"

Mark Steyn supposes his racistly-racist post to defend opposition to healthcare annexation is anything but racistly-racist.  The botnet thinks he doth protest too much.  After all is not any criticism of the President racist?  The more you say it is not, the more you expose yourself.  botnet would like you to read his article, but it is too racist for polite people.  Racist.

Mark Steyn is often referred to as "the inimitable", but botnet prefers to describe him as the inimitably-racistly-racist.  Just like the Townhall meetings... or the teabagging events.  No person at any of these events described the real reason for their racism: fear.  yes, botnet.  They are afraid.
Their insanely-insane right-wing teabagging events (like the one right this minute at the G-20 in Philthydelphia) do nothing to elevate the discussion regarding how we can annex 17% of the US economy.  That 17% is far greater than the total decadal GNP of many individual nations, but who the heck cares.  After all, eight years of cowboy diplomacy never made anyone in the world free, did it?

After only nine months of rebuilding our worldwide stature, we have made the people of Poland, Honduras and Iran more free.  Next we'll work at freeing the Polar Bear, the Gentle and Cuddly Critter loved by all.

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