October 24, 2009

What's behind the townhall insanity? Racistly-Racist Racism.

             The Writing of teabagger Mark Steyn the presumable racist

"I suppose it’s possible that opposition to the federal government’s annexation of one-sixth of the U.S. economy is being driven by nostalgia for segregated lunch counters. And no doubt, if you write for the New York Times or teach race and gender studies at American colleges for long enough, it seems entirely reasonable, listening to a patient profess satisfaction with her present health insurance arrangements, to respond, “You know, if you re-sewed the back of that hospital gown so your ass wasn’t showing, your Klan sheet would be as good as new.”"

Mark Steyn supposes his racistly-racist post to defend opposition to healthcare annexation is anything but racistly-racist.  The botnet thinks he doth protest too much.  After all is not any criticism of the President racist?  The more you say it is not, the more you expose yourself.  botnet would like you to read his article, but it is too racist for polite people.  Racist.


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Healthcare is a Constitutional Mandate, MoFo.

Healthcare is a constitutional right.

Article 1, Section 8,of the constitution enumerates the powers of Congress, of which there are 20.  (As an aside; the Constitution is an archaic and flawed document, as it does not address as its central purpose the battle against Global Warming™.)   Generally, when one thinks of the constitution, one thinks of a flawed and inherently racist document which permits greedy and bloodthirsty doctors to take out children's tonsils. or break out the bonesaw for windfall profits.  While all this is true, there is the “General Welfare Clause” which slightly redeems this terrible right-wing manifesto (so don't get all "wee-weed up").


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