January 17, 2012

Feingold the Undeclared Commie Frontrunner in Walker Recall?

Fucking CommiesIs there a chance that the Statist commie former Senator Russ Feingold will throw his hat in the ring for the Wisconsin Governorship should there be enough validated signatures to force a recall election of the brave and Honorable Governor Scott Walker?

Ann Althouse seems to think so.

Althouse pens a strong argument regarding the particulars of Feingold's situation... and though I consider Feingold a communist, a Statist, and a big-spender, Althouse believes Feingold to be a duplicitous liar as well.  I guess I hadn't considered that aspect. 

Feingold, the creepy little bitch who cast the 60th and deciding vote to saddle my child with the burdens of the Obama Porkulus as well as Obamacare (the fundamental transformation of the relationship between the government and We The People), has claimed for some time he has no interest in running for office in 2012. 

Though the Althouse piece was penned in late November, and she has exhibited exceedingly poor judgement in the past, I believe her argument in this case to be plausible.  Time will tell.

Given the reasons Althouse laid out, one might further her argument given the lay of the land.  The commies have handed over "one million" signatures for review to force a recall election, far beyond their goal of 700K.  Despite numerous allegations of foul play, it will be difficult to prove fraud on an individual basis in numbers sufficient to deny the recall.  The reality is, there is a high likelihood Walker will face a recall election.  Feingold is a statist degenerate neo-communist, but other than that he's a savvy politician.  He surely sees the weak field of commie candidates, and surely is deluded by the vocal minority to believe in a high likelihood of a commie winning against our beloved Governor Walker. 

And a brief look at the weak field of challengers...

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January 12, 2012

Here's to you, DHS: FUCK OBAMA!

Fucking Commies
Now that DHS (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit) is spying on everybody,  Please allow me to respectfully submit an observation:

Barack Obama is a castrated little limp-wristed bitch. He hates the free market and economic liberty just as much as he loves having men suck his little pee-pee. If there was a legal way to punch out his fucking teeth, I'd be the first in line for the way he's deliberately crashing the country.

My child will shoulder the burden of his debt.

Obama is a SCOAMF commie dick-sucking spendthrift piece of fucking shit.

By rights, his actions could be considered treason.  And should the legal system determine as much, I'd buy peanuts and invite my daughter to join me watch him punished to the fullest extent of applicable law.

A.B.O. 2012

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