March 11, 2011

Wisconsin Commies in a Poo-Flinging Fit

DouchebagsWisconsin has been a pretty crazy place the past three weeks, and I'm not even sure at this point how to narrow down to something pithy on the spectacle... there's just so much. 
Thankfully everybody I know in the meat world has been on the right page regarding the public sector union bullshit so I haven't had to tell anybody to fuck off or anything like that.  Recent polls might indicate otherwise, but anecdotally I can testify there isn't a hell of a lot of sympathy for the whining fatasses in the teacher's union from those I've bumped into.  As a matter-of-fact, Mrs. botnet works for a PEU, and despite her agnostic political tilt she's been in Governor Walker's corner throughout the entire Budget Repair Bill debacle.

I don't intend to write a book, but I have a couple thoughts on the state of events here in the Land of Cheese and Beer.
- First, if there was ever any doubt about who are the most arrogant, entitled, annoying, greedy, stupid, and irritating public sector employees those doubts can be laid to rest.  They are (as I've long suspected) the teachers.  These lazy goldbricks are out wailing and pissing their slacks because they'll have to pay part of their own fucking retirement or their own fucking medical insurance?  Seriously?  And to call in sick to bang fucking bongos in the Capitol building forcing parents to miss work?  Fuck off.

- The rest of the city and county employees didn't skip their jobs to go play grab ass with professional protesters even though they face the same dose of the real world teacher union jackasses.

- I don't know if I could ever lose my amazement at all the bullshit these morons are willing to swallow.  Reading the comments on the local newsrag you'd think that lifting collective bargaining privileges from PEUs was tantamount to turning the country communist (as if they think that would be bad).   If you believe the screaming teachers, we'll all soon be working for pennies a day seven days of the week.  For the Evil Koch Brothers.

- Any movement that is comfortable with commies and socialists passing out propaganda in their midst isn't a movement I'd be comfortable being associated with, and I'd not be comfortable having these idjits teaching lil' botnet.

- Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald, Jeff Fitzgerald have brass balls.  It's about fucking time somebody took the side of the taxpayer and not the parasites mooching us blind "for the children".

- Gordon Hintz is an absolute douchebag.  Always has been, but now there's a political story with a true "happy ending".

- Over 100 local councils and boards have ratified new contracts with the PEUs, and all knowing full well Walker was on the verge of cutting their state funding, as well as restricting their ability to increase the tax levy.  Anybody who still thinks the boards and councils were negotiating for the taxpayer and not their union cronies is on crack.

- Scott Bauer (the AP "reporter") is a leftist partisan hack.  If he had any balls somebody should kick them.

- The Oshkosh Northwestern editorial board doesn't even try to hide the fact that they are fucking communists.

- Push polls might be good for libs seeking talking points, but they don't actually change people's minds.  Sure, ask if we should remove somebody's "rights" they'll say no.  Ask if somebody should have 12 month pay for a 9 month job, retire at age 55 with a 'free' pension and healthcare you'll get a "no" as well.  Framing matters, but people know right and wrong regardless. 

- Obama is a fucking communist.

I'm going to collect my thoughts and link within the text of this post in a little bit, but I just wanted to set a rough outline.  It's been a pretty crazy couple few weeks and I've been having too much fun curbstomping libs on the Oshkosh Northwestern (the local newsrag) comments pages to write anything about what is obviously a time of great import.  Of course, you get what you pay for.

More to come.

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