October 24, 2009

We Need A Choo-Choo to Oshkosh!

botnet tried to go across town this afternoon at 5:00, and was reminded of the saying, "At least he made the trains run on time...".  We need Jim Doyle to step up to the plate like Mussolini.  botnet is sick of all these Escalades and Limousines holding up traffic at 41 and 21.  We took down the Kwik-Trip, now let's get rid of the Escalades. 
All the people coming home from work cause a lot of traffic, and Jim Doyle has done much to alleviate our traffic problems due to people coming from or going to work, but he could do much more.  botnet isn't a smrt guy in the Madison braintrust of the Jim Doyle think-tank, but botnet is smrt all the same.  Very smrt.

Here is how we solve our problems that the last eight years couldn't solve.  Jim Doyle did his best, but we didn't completely solve the employment problem here in WI.  If we work together, we'll not only overcome our traffic problems, but our employment problem.  Then we'll get rid of global warming as well.  If we want to solve the problem of global warming, we need to end all this employment. 

When the botnet was younger, we had a much more polite society.  When someone was standing behind you, they'd reach past you to the open the door ahead of you.  Nowadays, Jim Doyle does a good thing by spending $47 million to bring almost 80 jobs here to wisconsin to build a totally cool and really sweet and really epic train system to Madison.  But our 41/21 impasse is clogged like "The Duke".  botnet feels like Doyle is willing to stand behind without giving the reach-around.  Here's a guy willing to serve, but not willing to complete the deal.

Our highway funds are too important to waste.  That's why we restrict overpasses in Milwaukee and elsewhere due to weight considerations.  We do not yet have "No Fat Chicks" signs posted, but they are coming.  Send your design to http:///www.widot.gov/fatchicks_designs.htm and you might be eligible for some sort of fabulous prize or something.

The best part of crumbling bridges is it will reduce Wisconsin's impact on the most important issue of our time: global warming.  And High-Speed Choo-Choo trains.

Now don't get all wee-weed up, as global warming will not build the trains themselves.  Global warming is a God, not a construction worker.  If you learned anything at the last church camp, it is that if Global Warming wants a Choo-Choo here in Oshkosh, we'd better start putting money into the highway fund, or something like that.  The botnet knows that ending the Q.E.O. frees up a substantial amount of money, improves our children's healthcare and global warming prospects, but what does this do to solve our employment problem?  botnet defers to Jim Doyle.

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