August 11, 2011

The Failed WI Senate Recall Bid.

I've let the occasion of the WI Senate coup come and go.  Now the excitement has subsided, and I've collected my thoughts and sobered up.  The WI Senate ramifications as I see it:

1)  The commies were claiming this entire time that they should be judged a majority based on how many filthy commies they managed to assemble at the State Capitol for weeks on end.  I guess the idea is that if THEY could demonstrate in such numbers people would assume there were many more who sympathized.  The problem is, most regular people have jobs.  In general, people with jobs do not attend communist protests because either they are working, or they resent the fact much of what they work for is stolen to pay for the sloth and extortion the bongo-bangers defend as a "right".  The dirty bastards put more money into a mere six (6) State Senate races than was spent on the entire State for the duration of the gubernatorial election.  They came up short.

More below the fold...
2)  Randy Hopper lost a Republican-leaning district.  It wasn't a great shock he lost, it was a shock he did so well.  District 18 has a large State university and a ton of public facilities like prisons and the State mental hospital.  The schools are huge and well funded.  Hopper was flawed as a candidate due to his ugly divorce and young girlfriend (who managed to land a state job).  The guy still only lost by a percentage point.  That's a mere 1200 votes.

3)  Jessica King, the neo-communist labor lawyer who won the 18th District seat might take a bit of kind advice and rent, not buy, in Madison.  Though she (narrowly) won the recall, she serves only the remainder of the term.  Hopper won in 2008, and would be up again in 2012.  Instead, King will be up in 2012. 
Want to know who else will be on the 2012 ballot?  This Guy.  Here's a bit of friendly advice, Ms. King. 
Rent, Don't buy.

This post waited a while in draft form... I'm finally publishing it late and short.  There's more of interest here in the land of Cheese and Beer... but it was an important election and by rights it deserved its own post for the sake of posterity.

May G-d Bless WI, The USA, and freedom loving people everywhere!

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