January 15, 2012

No Joy in Titletown

PackerThe score? Lots and lots of points against too few. The "dagger" (try a google of "wayne larrivee dagger" if you don't recognize the reference) came in the middle of the fourth when the Pack was down two scores and allowed a first down giving the Giants the opportunity to score their final TD to complete the braining of my beloved Pack.

It was a fun, fun, FUN!!!! season, but with a shit defense like we fielded all year, no team should expect to be a contender. Couple the shit defense with three lost fumbles, a receiver corps with a case of the "dropsies", and a stellar QB (#12, Aaron Rodgers) who over or under threw too many passes and you have yourself a loss... and not just any type of loss, my friends... A season-ender. Despite the best efforts of the referees to throw the game in favor of the Pack, the game was lost. (image stolen from http://www.sportprediction.net/)

If you look on the bright side, at least Aaron Rodgers will have the opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl, but I'm not inclined to look on the bright side right about now. I'm more inclined to swill the rest of the Milwaukee Best in the refrigerator, then kick my dog in the balls. Except I don't have a dog. And it isn't his fault anyway, hypothetically.

Alas, the Packers snatch a season-ender from the jaws of fait accompli. I suppose I'll mourn for a while, then find something else to do. I hate basketball, and baseball is a couple months away.


Tomorrow:  Your Lake Winnebago ice fishing report.  I predict I shall catch the most, as well as the biggest. 

And one last thing.... Barack Hussein Obama is a limp-wristed dickless SCOAMF.

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