January 11, 2012

"Fuck The Troops", Wisconsin State Senator Endorses.

King and Murphy

It never ceases to amaze me, the depths of depravity to which the commies will sink.  Here's a taste:

The fact this filthy piece of shit Ian Murphy is held up by the left as some kind of fucking hero for punking the Great and Noble Statesman Governor Scott Walker serves as a reminder of the type of weapons-grade idiocy we suffer from those whom we oppose.  These are the people who seek to run this place.  They believe they are right, and we are wrong.  They call us stupid.

What you have here is State Senator Jessica King (Marxist-Oshkosh) yukking it up with their clever hero, out collecting signatures in their attempt to dispose of Governor Walker.  Jessica King rode the wave of commie fury at the bold and honest actions of Governor Walker (and the brave Statesmen in the state legislature who passed Act 10) to get her rump elected in the State Senate Recall election.  She must be so proud.

I'm sure that Jessica King (Commie - District 18 ) and the ingrate piece of shit Ian Murphy are great pals... Fellow travelers.

I question not only Jessica King's judgement, but her patriotism.  Surely she knows about Ian Murphy's disgusting bullshit.  And since she hasn't taken the time to issue a statement one way or the other, one can only imagine she isn't embarrassed in the least. 

I'm betting she agrees.

Email State Senator King:  Sen.King@legis.wisconsin.gov

h/t:  Sykes Writes

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I really do not want to come home now.

Botnet have you read the Wisconsin Sons of Liberty report on the April 5, 2011 election?  http://www.wisconsingrandsonsofliberty.com/uploads/WIGOL_EDR_Report.pdf

From the report:


Of the many errors contained in the report, some are more obvious than others.

A 40 year old citizen checked "No" as the answer to the question "will you be 18 years of age on or before election day?" Despite clear instructions printed in bold, "do not continue" the Poll Worker did not make the voter change that answer and allowed the person to vote.

A voter used a Traffic Citation from the State of Illinois to prove Wisconsin Residency.

Several citizens moved to Milwaukee County and registered to vote using out of state drivers licenses for proof of residency. There is nothing on the registration form to indicate the Poll Worker saw anything else to substantiate the residency requirements.

Three individuals used hotel receipts to substantiate their proof of residency. Two also provided out of state drivers licenses and a third person used their military identification card to register and vote.

A citizen registered once using their WI Drivers License then returned to the polling location some time later and registered a second time using a utility bill. In both cases, this person voted. It was not caught by the municipality during their review of forms to update the state Voter Registration System. However, we turned this information over to the Milwaukee County District Attorney office.

Numerous citizens completed their voter registration forms and there was no indication that the Poll Worker verified the eligibility or identity of the person registering to vote.

Numerous corroborators failed to list their address on the registration form as required.

I think I will apply to be a poll worker just to find out how they train you.

I also was told that the Dims are requiring a picture ID to work on their petitions.  So apparently it is wrong to ask for it to vote but in order for them to maintain a high level of security.  http://grassroots.wisdems.org/page/s/petitionprocessing

WTF....once again the Dims prove to be completely stupid.

Posted by: Lizard at January 12, 2012 03:59 PM (ihiGI)

2 Hey Liz!

The WIGOL are doing yeoman's work in the research the MBM can't be bothered to do. 
We're supposed to get all hot and bothered that some hypothetical fucktard can't be bothered to obtain an ID card (despite being an adult), when one is required to purchase booze or smokes, cash a check, rent a movie, or obtain fucking welfare.  This same hypothetical moron who is incapable of finding their way to the DMV is still supposedly one whom we should desire to cast a vote?

And they accuse us of being stupid. (but we all know the real reason... and they're chronic liars)

I can't believe you're still gone, Liz.  You're missing the first substantial snowfall of the year! 

My best to you, Lizard. 

Cheers, and Go Pack Go!!!

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