March 28, 2011

Yes, Magical Accounting...

Liberal IdiotHere's a real gem from "Osh54901", some leftist commenting at the Crapwestern..

"I do believe that I read somewhere that Governor Doyle left the State of Wisconsin with a budget surplus, but the new Governor Walker decided to give the money to the large corporations."

Maybe you believe it, and maybe you believe in the great pumpkin as well. And I'd love to read the source, since anybody who believes such claptrap enough to publish it is clearly either writing satire or huffing gasoline. Where does somebody find such unadulterated horseshit.
The Onion isn't news, Osh54901.

If anybody making these ignorant and false claims cares enough to inform themselves, they might take a moment to read Politifact's take on the issue,

...and bear in mind that Politifact most definitely doesn't skew conservative.

Contained in the article is a bit of discussion regarding the ubiquitous, unfounded, ignorant, vapid accusation that Walker gave some $140 million to the "evil rich".  Every time somebody makes this tired idiotic claim, we must sigh and gently inform them, yet again, that the $140 million DOESN'T. TAKE. EFFECT. UNTIL. THE. NEXT. BIENNIAL. BUDGET.

That's right, boys and girls. July 2011 to June 2013. Nothing has been "spent".

And as a matter-of-fact, kids, that money is a tax break, which is not the same as an expenditure.  Am I that stupid that I can't understand how revenue (income) is the same as expenditure? I must be very, very, very stupid because to me these are two completely different things.  Very stupid

Further, offering a tax break to business that hasn't even located here yet? Am I that stupid I can't understand how this would cost us anything?  If some business is currently paying taxes in IL, does that "cost" us money as well?  How far from the border must a business be for this magical accounting to stop working? 

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