December 14, 2009

The MWP Killed the Dinosaurs, Deniers are Immune™.

Isn't it interesting that the same people denying Global Warming™ fail to realize the Medieval Warming™ Period caused the glaciers to melt, drowning the dinosaurs? Do you believe the same thing is happening now, botnet?

Yes, botnet. Polar Bears will have no place to rest, and we've already seen they are dying of heat exhaustion. Now that the continents are flooding due to all this Global Warming™, botnet, what will the Polar Bears eat?  For the sake of Global Warming™, botnet, don't they know the Earth is already 75% water, or something?

Those a very good questions, botnet. Maybe the Cuddly Polar Bears can eat the Evil Warming Deniers™. We all know that anybody who doesn't believe in Global Warming™ is on the payroll of the Evil Oil Companies™ paid for in Blood For Oil™ with their Windfall Profits™.

That's a great point, botnet. You should also point out that the Evil Warming Deniers™ are the only ones immune to Global Warming™. It stands to reason they shall be the only food left for the gentle Polar Bear when the ice caps melt by 2014.

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