October 24, 2009

Racism, Polar Bears, and Grubergian Free Speech™

Now let me be clear™:  All of botnet’s critics are racists.  botnet has learned a thing or two about the First Amendment and racism, and botnet is not an albino. 

botnet has taken time from worrying about polar bears to write this thoughtful, brilliant, and epic post to explore the intrinsic nature of racism and freedom of speech.

Walter E. Williams, a nominal anti-free speech advocate and possible racist published this hate-filled screed advocating his narrow view of free speech.  You’ll be quite disappointed to find there is nary a single word about the desperate plight of the gentle polar bear, but don’t worry.  The guy’s probably a racist and not worth the time to read.

When compared to the laudable vision of one Dr. Martin Gruberg, Williams’ ideas seem laughably inarticulate and debased.  It seems quite clear Williams lacks the nuance of Dr. Gruberg who points out plainly that the First Amendment is a stark call for people to just shut the hel1 up.  Williams takes the tired and failed tack, assuming that free speech actually means allowing people to say thingsout loud, even. 

We tried that over the last eight years, and all it got us was Blood for Oil™ and the worst economic crisis since either the late seventies or the great depression™...  depending on what the definition of “is” is.

The Framers of the Constitution set forth within the BOR that freedom of speech requires the government to step in to “level the playing field”, according to Dr. Gruberg.  This requires the government to force people to, in essence, shut the hel1 up.  This is free speech, you see.  You are free to speak as long as you shut the hel1 up.

In a recent instance, the nuanced, compassionate, and articulate view of the First Amendment came to loggerheads with the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, pickup truck-driving, bible-thumping, gun-toting, race-hating, tired, old, degenerate, and racist view of the First Amendment.  It was reported this past Monday that the evil insurance corporation Humana, Inc. had been disseminating political speech regarding pending legislation. 

Judging by Williams’ position, the government would be wrong to stifle the political speech of a corporate entity (who is taxed as an individual).  Ha!

In the enlightened (Grubergian) view, the government duly and properly tells Humana to shut the hells up.  Further, HHS starts an “investigation”.  Now there’s some free speech!  Gruberg clearly makes a great case in his letter, as the First Amendment is clearly intended to get people to shut the hel1 up.

botnet is gratified to be on the right side of the argument, here.  botnet has eyed with dismay all of the racistly-racist vitriol at the “teabagger” events.  Just ask Anderson Cooper or David Schuster if you need an explanation.   All the ultra-ultra-right wing hate groups are present and represented united under the umbrella of hate causes.  It is troubling to see Republican miscreants (the party of George Wallace, Lyndon LaRouche, and Robert Byrd) on parade in a spectacle of hateful-hatemongering lacking only white sheets and duncecaps.   That is why minorities vote Democrat.  The Democrats really know how to stand up for the “little guy”, as well as the true meaning of free speech.

Williams, on the other hand, seems to think the Constitution can mean whatever he and his cronies might dream up.  Just like the Failed Policies of the Last Eight Years™, Williams gives us more of the same Limbaugh-style bloviation where his convulsive rhetoric seems to us smrt and haughty type to only confuse, not “enlighten” and enslave.  Never once does he mention the plight of the polar bear, and his entire argument is negated by the fact he is possibly a Corporate Shill™ working for either Evil Insurance™ or Halliburton™. 

We need healthcare, and we need the critics of healthcare annexation to practice Grubergian Free-Speech™.  All the racism will end when there are critics of President Obama’s policy choices who practice only the nuanced form of free speech: shutting the hel1 up.

botnet is no albino.  If he were, botnet would be as white as the cuddly and lovable polar bear.  Since botnet has pigmented skin, however, every attack against botnet is a racist attack.  Just like every attack against President Obama’s policies.

Let us honor the constitution and observe free speech on healthcare to end the racism.


And global warming™.


And your little dog, too.

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