October 25, 2009

We Must Be More Hysterical

botnet, are you satisfied with the level of hysterics regarding Global Warming™?

No, botnet, botnet is not satisfied. As a matter of fact, botnet is afraid that we are taking our eyes off the ball.  While everyone gets all wee wee'd up about healthcare, and stuff, there are helpless polar bears who are panting and sweating to death, or whatever. We need a system of cap and trade or else the electricity rates will not skyrocket. We need more hysteria about the very real problem of Global Warming™.

botnet, did you realize the global temperature has increased by 15 degrees in the past two years?

Yes botnet, botnet knew that. At this rate the earth will reach the temperature of the surface of the sun in 1466 years, 8 months, 20 days.

That is scary stuff, botnet.

yes, botnet, botnet knows how scary that is. botnet is preparing by building a stockpile of "Ove Gloves" and can coozies. Not the cheap neoprene fabric type, the real foam ones.

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