October 27, 2010

Everything hangs on Tuesday!

Remember kids, vote Democrat or the polar bears will die or some shit.

Also, we need cap'n trade or nobody will ever get a job again... EVER.  This election is about that three letter word, j-o-b-s.  Jobs.  We need cap'n trade or we won't be a global leader in the new "Green" economy.  We want to emulate, er, I dunno, Communist fucking China?  Yes, we do.

After all, Ronald Reagan hated children, so a vote for the children is a vote against Ronald Reagan, as well as jelly beans (which he liked).  A vote for Democrats is a vote to ban jellybeans, and protect most live-born children who survive their abortion.  Mostly.

And always remember after Clinton we had a surplus, (and Evil Bush, Darth Cheney, Halliburton, blood for oil, and poor poor Saddam Hussein).  That Saddam was a big-time environmentalist, by the way (and why do you have your finger up your ass?).  Gross.  That's why Darth Cheney shot Saddam in the face.  With a dead Iraqi baby.

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October 19, 2010

Dear Gaia. I love you!

Our love is like Joanie and Chachi, Gaia.

-O Chachi, Chachi, wherefore art thou Chachi?-the botnet (pretending to be Joanie pretending to be the botnet asking about Gaia using the pseudonym "Chachi")

Anyhoo... Gaia, remember our visit to "Mount" Everest last winter? 

Mount Everest


I love you, Gaia.  And I love the gentle Polar Bear

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