October 24, 2009

Jim Doyle is Awesome... Awesomely Awesome.

As a nominal observer or well-wisher or earth-sharer of Governor Doyle's Advisory Commission on Global Warming, botnet can only tell you the danger is here.   Even the most honest and altruistic among us (such as UN Chief Ban Ki Moon) agree as citizens of the world the debate is over.  We may have only four months to prevent a catastrophe of warm, warmer, maybe humid, sometimes rainy, then a cold front, then a wind shift with increased humidity, then a positively sultry evening followed by the possibility of a huge ball of flame devouring the sky as the sun comes up.  Then we can have government healthcare.
The world isn't so simple that you can buy just a sweatshirt and some respectable slacks.  Not here in Wisconsin.  We have global warming in Wisconsin, and much worse than some other parts of the country.
botnet is no politician, but botnet can tell you without prevarication climate change is real.  That's why there are both boots and a snowblower in my garage.  Now we have Hurricanes every fall.  That's why God named the hurricane currently posturing menacingly in the ocean somewhere "Hurricane Bill".  Nobody likes a bill delivered to them, especially a bill from God.  Get ready to pay up, America:  Your Chickens Have Come Home To Roost.

Ask anybody who knows anything, and they will agree that we have seen a warming trend.  Or else they do not know anything, or else they are lying.  Or else they have hearing problems, or they don't speak english that well, or whatever.  Give them a couple of pieces of gum and invite them to the next Anti-Fried Chicken rally at the corner of Murdock and Jackson.  That will really get them organized, and maybe those chickens will have died for something besides eleven delicious herbs and spices and the "public option" of government healthcare.

Now, Let me be clear:

Even here in Wisconsin, we have experienced temperatures at least 30 degrees above what we had JUST LAST JANUARY!   Wake Up, People!  botnet is sick of all the Fox News watching, flat-earth, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathers who hijack our reality.  This is OUR reality, mouth-breathers!  We'r sick of folks carrying swastikas while they oppose government healthcare and the government "option".

botnet is very, very sad Jim Doyle has chosen to leave Wisconsin's Governorship.  Here's a guy who not only means well, but does well time and time and time again.  botnet likes Governor Doyle, but now how in the world are we supposed to keep Mercury Marine in Fond Du Lac?  botnet believes in Jim Doyle, as he works tirelessly to increase the situation of the unemployed in Wisconsin as well as solve the central problem facing our state today: global warming.

Given the success of Kathleen Sebelius, botnet can see how Jim Doyle was not offered the Peace Corps position.  Jim Doyle has been largely successful here in Wisconsin, but not quite enough.  Let's see how the recently-passed budget fares before we issue final judgement on the successes of the Doyle administration.  Personally, botnet is optimistic .

botnet needs to point out the fact that Jim Doyle was a victim of the neocons.  While Jim Doyle was working with our friends in Spain building a powerful economic synergy that will bring more than 79 jobs here to Wisconsin, the neocons decided to move Thomas Industries from Sheboygan for the sole purpose of soiling Governor Doyle's record.  It was eight years of failed policies as well as global warming here in Wisconsin that led to Doyle's decision.

botnet is happy Governor Doyle mentioned his notion of Gubenatorial Term Limits.  It made botnet feel smart.  Only thoughtful people like the botnet understand how term limits now apply to the governor and not the Attorney General...  Don't let it bother you, though.  You have to be smart.  Like botnet...  Very Smrt.
Lastly, we need to protect against the little guy with government healthcare.  And Global Warming.

Kind '10!

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