October 24, 2009

Golbal Warming is Racist.

botnet is worried that president Obama isn't working hard enough.  We need to stop global warming, and this health care bill does next to nothing to deal with the most important issue of our time, global warming.  If we do not pass this health care bill, insurance CEO's will continue to stand in the schoolhouse door and prevent our children from improving the economy. 
We can't afford to continue to let businesses run our economy.  We tried that.  If there is anything to be learned from the failed policies of the last eight years, then we should all work together to end global warming.

We need healthcare so our image abroad is improved.  If we continue to practice cowboy diplomacy then we'll become more of a world pariah.  botnet saw on "The Daily Show" that the planet is getting warmer.  They said this on "Colbert" as well.  Now botnet is deeply troubled that if we don't pass healthcare the world will get hot.  At this rate, we might as well just make some popcorn and sit back to watch the economy fail, because if we do not pass this healthcare bill, employees will not have the right to join a union.  If nobody can sign the union ballot, there will be no hope to figure out how to stop global warming.

botnet remembers when botnet was younger, we were worried about the impending ice age.  Then they cut down the rainforests, and for every acre they cut 50 grew back.  Now we need more government here in the USA because Obama needs our help.

Write your congressman to ask they vote yes for healthcare, because if we don't the world will lose its once abundant supply of polar bears.  Then we'll probably have too many seals and be forced to club their babies again, just like Ronald Reagan did.  Now there's a guy who hated unions!

For those racists out there, you can doubt global warming all you want, but have you noticed the cost of health insurance these days?  Almost 12 million citizens are chronically uninsured, and this is almost 5% of the population!  We must act now or else the health care bill probably won't go into effect until 2014 instead of 2013.  We have not a moment to lose!  Do you want your child to be forced to nuke the whales when the ice caps melt?
botnet didn't think so.
Let's keep the whales in the ocean where they belong.  That way we'll never have to look some poor helpless baby whale in the eye and have to explain that we just couldn't pass healthcare fast enough.
botnet is shocked and appalled that congress couldn't annex private medicine before the August recess.  Now nobody wants to talk about global warming.
America's chickens have come home to roost.

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