October 25, 2009

A Swing and a Miss... The Ol'Lympics

botnet, are you concerned about the president spending political capital on the ol'lympics when he should be worrying about healthcare?

yes, botnet. botnet is worried that bringing the ol'lympics to Chicago would do next to nothing for healthcare. And we all know that we need to pass healthcare yesterday or else it won't take effect until sometime in 2013. Every moment we wait, the world gets warmer in some places and colder in others... Now there's some Climate Changey-Global Warming™ we can all believe in.
We must pass healthcare to end all this Global Warming™, since there are too many rich people running around thinking they don't have to pay botnet's bills. That is just wrong.
Once we stick it to the evil rich people they'll quit driving Hummers and clubbing seals all the live-long day. Then we can have address the real issue: nobody has volunteered to pay botnet's insurance bill. That is terrible, and Global Warming™, and stuff.

End Global Warming™, Healthcare Now™!

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