November 30, 2011

In Which I Disagree With Ace.


It isn't often that I disagree with the Head Moron.  He's a well-read, thoughtful, persuasive, and eloquent mind... but then there's this:

Would you vote for the antisemitic crank Luap Nor?

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Let's face it, Luap Nor is a fucking crank.  The guy  stated on national television that the 9-11 attacks on innocents were our own fault, and sits idly by as his batshit supporters rant on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on (like the fucking morons they are) about how he's some Constitutionalist Superhero, and Evil Boooooooosh took down the twin towers.  And it was our fault.  And the Jooos.

Fuck them. 

Let's pretend there is some anti-miracle, and Luap Nor somehow becomes the nominee... What then?

Would I vote for that pathetic, hallucinating, delusional, anti-semitic, pork-grabbing-hypocrite Luap Nor over President Barack Barry Hussein Soetero Obama?  You bet your britches I would in a beer-chuggin' second... and here's why: 

1.  Although Luap Nor's isolationist foreign policy positions are so pie-in-the-sky, delusional, and fantasy-based as to be not laughable but scary, he wouldn't run around gladhanding dictators like the current SCOAMF.  Where Luap Nor and his idjit brigade are fucking clueless regarding the importance of America in our international role as the "Shining City on a Hill" and the "Last, Best Hope for Mankind", at least they don't hate this country like King Putt and his Food Stamp Army do.  Who will cause more damage, Luap and the idjits, or four more years of intractable Cloward-Pivanism?

2.  President Luap Nor would piss in the face of the leftist RINOS, while the second term of Ogolfeline the Pink would actively suit RINO turncoats to prevent any oversight or Congressional squelch of all the ticking time bombs which Ogolfeline was able to institute.  Hey, Ace... you've claimed Obamacare is a bad thing, right?  Of course you realize that allowing a second term for the SCOAMF means we'll not ever, ever be rid of the Obamacare crap-sandwich,.

3.  How much of a fan of the bullshit the EPA, the FCC, the NLRB, the DoE and whatever other alphabet soup bureaucracy has crammed up our assholes at the behest of our first gay Marxist president?  You like it?  Huh? Huh?  And this only scratches the surface, since for all the policy diktats implemented by this mother fucker, they've been packing the bureaucracies with commies and fucking leftists.  Is Luap Nor going to continue in this untenable direction?

4.  The SCOTUS.

5.  While Luap Nor would in general be a fucking disaster, would it be worse than King Putt?  At best, he'd work to restrain the size, scope, and spending of the federal gummint.  At worst he'd be like his identical cousin Jesse Ventura who couldn't get a damned thing done politically.  Let's not forget that even the second term of Ogolfer will be neutered with regard to any major policy (at least through Congress, and not executive fiat)... so at that point, I believe that all things considered it is irrational to choose the second term of our first Marxist president over that of an isolationist, anti-semitic crank.

If faced a choice between Luap Nor and Barry Soetoero, the answer is clear.

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1 I have to agree across the board (much to the chagrin of my sweetieheart) about Dr. Paul.   
As I have mentioned elsewhere, if we could do some sort of mind meld, taking his domestic policies and implanting them into a Perry or Santorum, for example, while letting their foreign policy thoughts remain in place, we would have a hell of a presidential contender.
But once Paul gets off the national reservation, he heads into the Twilight Zone (with no appreciable help from Rod Serling).  To his credit (in a back handed fashion) at least he is consistant.  He does not change his story, regardless of whom he is speaking to.  And compared to most of the others in the running, having some one consistently standing by their convections (however wrong headed they are) is, from that standpoint, refreshing.   Now if we could get rid of the bats**t in his belfry!!

Posted by: Guy S at January 06, 2012 02:52 PM (58Ewj)

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