March 07, 2012

Don't Get Mad... Get MOTIVATED.

First:   After about a month of neglecting a bunch of other obligations, we have achieved a goal. 

The Verify The Recall Database is live.

I've had difficulty getting on, either through legitimate traffic or DDoS, but that won't last forever.  Then the commie hunt begins.  I hope a bunch of corrupt bastards end up suffering the consequence of their fraud. 

I'm happy to have seen the effort through, and I'm proud of the effort of the volunteers.  I spent nearly every night since the petition release entering data... I could have done more.

Second:  "We have danced and danced with Wisconsin politicians.  We don't like to dance and we are now done dancing in Wisconsin.  Forever." - an Unnamed Mining Company Representative.

The State Mining Bill went down today. 

I'd like to stipulate that Senator Tim Carpenter is a weak-kneed, limp-wristed, commie bitch.

The contemptible piece of shit Dale Schultz (RINO-Richland Center) sided with the commies to shoot down the State Senate mining bill compromise.  The bill was not to approve the proposed iron mine (in the State's most economically depressed area), but to allow a process in which there was a tangible endpoint.  The mine proposal would still have had to wade through the alphabet soup of departments, bureaus, and agencies in order to obtain a permit, but the mother fucking commies (including Dale Schultz) pretended all the while that everybody would glow in the dark and have three-eyed babies if a mine were allowed to APPLY to operate.  Who cares there are mines operating in harmonic compliance with EPA regs less than a quarter tank of gas away... And who cares that the average family income in the area of the proposed mine is $23,000 per year. 

The State Senator currently holding office in the district in which I live is a commie.  You may remember Jessica King from her love-fest with the "Fuck The Troops" blogger Ian Murphy.  Senator King the commie won our district Senate seat in a recall against Randy Hopper by a margin of about 1,200 votes (around 1% IIRC) in a district that trends 56% conservative.  In my eyes, she was the deciding vote against the mining permit application process streamlining... and therefore it was her vote which prevented a $1.5 billion dollar job-creating endeavor in an economically-depressed area.  She and she alone is responsible for strangling these jobs before they could ever leave the crib.

Rick GudexThe good news:  She Has A Challenger.  Meet Rick Gudex.  His website currently stinks, but that can be fixed.  What the guy DOES have on his side is organization, drive, goals, an articulate message, and a weak, gaffe-prone communist opponent who barely managed to win office despite a highly-motivated base against a flawed incumbent.  I'm going balls-deep on the Gudex campaign, and I believe that with hard work he will win.

Jessica King:  Hope you've had fun.  Get the fuck out.

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March 05, 2012

Verify the Recall Update, Housecleaning, and other Somesuch.

From the inbox this morning...

It's official! Verify The Recall will launch our publicly accessible, online, searchable database for recall petition signatures during the evening of Wednesday, March 7, 2012!

This program is made possible because of the incredible data entry efforts made by VTR Volunteers in recent weeks. THANK YOU for all of your hard work!

Wonderful news.

There is an incomplete list circulating (with a search tool) which can be found at Put Wisconsin First, but the Verify The Recall searchable database will go live on Wednesday night.  I presume the VTR database will most likely be found through the VTR website

I'm absolutely delighted that the data entry is complete for the Walker challenge.   I believe there was a substantial drop off in enthusiasm as the days (then weeks) dragged on.  I began to worry we'd not complete. 
In other news, I attended the "It's Working Wisconsin Town Hall" event sponsored by Americans For Prosperity and the MacIver Institute.  Speakers included Luke Hilgeman (State Director of the AFP Foundation), Brian Fraley from the MacIver Institute, Rep Robin Vos (WI Joint Finance Co-Chair), Rep Jim Steineke, and Ben Schneider (Oshkosh School Board). 

One of the highlights was the new video effort by AFP and MacIver to showcase the results of Act 10.  Check out their website HERE.

mark_neumannIt was great, and afterward one of the Oshkosh TEA Party activists let me know US Senate Candidate Mark Neumann would be dropping through the Republican HQ in Oshkosh.  Neumann is a proven budget slasher, and is endorsed by Senators Rand Paul and Jim DeMint (two conservative rock-stars if ever there were).  I've concluded that this is his time, and he is the man.  Mark Neumann is the best choice to represent Wisconsin in our war against the bastard commie horde.  Neumann for Senate 2012!

Screw the commies, and Baracka Hussein SCOAMF Obama is a limp-wristed Marxist bitch. 

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February 26, 2012

PA Commies

Apparently people from Pennsylvania are interested in the Walker Recall.  Get the Fuck Out, commie bastards.

Commei Bastards
I have a bunch of examples of bullshit perpetrated by the Blue-Fisters on the recall petitions, and if it suits my fancy I'll share them here after the Verify effort is complete.

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February 17, 2012

Tell your Friends...

I've not posted here, or done much of anything else on the intertubes lately... I come home from work, have supper with the family, then hop onto the Verify The Recall site to enter signatures.

We have (finally) achieved the 75% mark for our data entry... and need help.  If you can spare a bit of time; an hour here or there.... please consider joining our efforts.

From the Verify The Recall facebook site:

Encourage ONE MORE FRIEND to become a Verify The Recall Volunteer! We are in the final push for completing the gubernatorial recall data entry process... Every additional volunteer helps us complete the process quicker! Sign up at

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January 30, 2012

Verify the Recall *UPDATED*

Over the weekend, we patriots in the Land of Cheese and Beer sharpened our teeth on the Van Wanggaard recall petitions as part of the "Verify the Recall" effort organized by the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty and the Dane County Tea Party.

Fuck the CommiesThe communist bastards and useful idiots of the left in their pathetic recall attempt submitted more than 24,000 signatures in their bullshit attempt to recall Senator Wanggaard, which we chewed through "several times" over the course of 48 hours. In the first image, we see a case in which two people at the same address have remarkable similarities in their penmanship. (Click to embiggen)

Fucking IdjitsAnd as for the Main Event... the Walker Recall? The communist bastards at the GAB are stonewalling the release of the petitions online, which will only delay compiling the Database of Shame. The GAB commies claim they wish to protect the identities of "domestic abuse victims", but I suspect they are squirrelling away some of the more egregious fraudsters to use should they need a push over the top if huge numbers of signatures are forcibly tossed. As an example, here is a case where somebody got fucked up, signing their real name after printing their nom-de-guerre. (Click to embiggenify) Perfect fodder for the race to the finish for the bitterly partisan GAB.

Interestingly enough, and despite repeated assurances from the commie bastards at the WI-SDWP they had gone through the signatures to weed out obvious fraud and mischief, apparently they were as successful as they are at rational thought... which is to say, not at all.

Fucking Commie BastardsThe errors contained in the petition here are numerous and glaring. Item 1) "Pedro "Ventue"" cannot sign his own fucking name. That's pathetic. Item 2) "Cesaria Cortez" cannot sign his name, either. Instead, it is printed each time. Item 3 "A-Git" probably is not a valid name. Like the SCOAMF, it is reasonable to suppose "A-Git" might have trouble producing a birth certificate proving that is indeed his name. Further, in Item 4), "A-Git" cannot legibly write his own address, and similarly, in Item 5 does not seem to know what the Zip code for that address might be. The person who signed their name to the bottom of the petition certifying its validity should have their ass thrown in jail. (One click to each image will serve you well if embiggening is your wish.)

The cases I have identified are the most obvious which I personally happened upon in the course of the petitions I entered to the database, and one can only imagine the level of fraud of types more difficult to detect. How many people comitted identity fraud, and how many dead people voted. Lizard claims that all dead people are democrats, being either dead-dead, or else just brain-dead. I believe her.

In closing, fuck the commies, fuck the SCOAMF, and may G-d Bless our beloved and honorable Governor Scott Walker.


I just received this in my inbox....

The Government Accountability Board is dragging its feet on getting the gubernatorial recall data to Verify The Recall, but we will not be deterred!
Verify The Recall planned to receive all gubernatorial recall data from the GAB today (Monday). Unfortunately, the GAB has been slow to supply us with our requested information. As a result, it now looks like it will be Friday of this week before you will be able to enter recall petition data into VTR's database for the gubernatorial recall.

All that said, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! Verify The Recall is fully ready to enter recall petition data for the remaining Wisconsin Senate races, so we will spend the rest of this week verifying the recalls of Senator Fitzgerald, Senator Moulton, and Senator Galloway! The data entry efforts required for Senator Van Wanggaard were completed this last weekend... One down, three to go!

Verify The Recall will be up and running again tonight (Monday, January 30) at 6:00 PM CST!

Your log in information is seen below. Thank you for volunteering to help uphold the integrity of Wisconsin's election processes!


Verify The Recall

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January 28, 2012

Vermin Infestation Strikes the bGWB

As we move closer to November 6th when we rid ourselves of our first Marxist president, expect the vermin filth to become more shrill and vociferous.

Here at the botnet's Global Warming, there's a bit of a pest problem.

I let it stand as-is, since it is instructive to see the way the filthy commies and their useful idiots infect and infest otherwise nice places.

Be forewarned: Marxism is now a race. If you dislike Marxism, you are now a racist. Don't want to be a racist, you racist? Then embrace Marxism.

I'll take a bit of time to properly fisk this annoying shithead in a bit... right now I'm busy, and destroying little dumb-fucks is not as important as the Verify The Recall effort.

Verify The Recall is LIVE!
Fellow citizen, we are excited to announce that Verify The Recall is officially underway! Your opportunity to enter real data from current recall petitions is here!
Verify The Recall's first efforts to begin entering real petition data will focus on Wisconsin State Senate recalls. It is our goal to complete the Senate recall petition data entry process in entirety this weekend so that we are ready to focus on recall petition data for the Governor and Lt. Governor early next week.

Any fraud found on the Senate recall petitions will make it easier to find fraud in the gubernatorial recall!
Please take a stand for election integrity this weekend by participating in Verify The Recall's historic citizen-based effort!
As tiresome and stupid as the commies are, there are more important things for a little while.  I can personally attest to cases of obvious Barack SCOAMF Homobamafraud in the petitions I entered last night for the recall defense, and it is possible we can avoid the entire expensive and unnecessary recall of the State Senators as well as the Honorable Governor Scott Walker.

And by the way, Larry Sinclair and Barack (SCOAMF) Obama.  Sittin' in a Limo.  S-U-C-K-I-N-G.

Barack Obama is a limp-wristed Marxist SCOAMF.

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January 25, 2012

As Time Proceeds, Walker is Vindicated

Saint Scott

Interesting data released by the Marquette University Law School Poll indicate Governor Scott Walker is leading all declared commie candidates in the (as of this moment) hypothetical recall election.

The poll gauged a sample of 701 registered voters composed of 322 full-on commies or commie-leaners, and 309 closer to the Republican party, with a MOE for the full sample of +/-3.8%.

The interesting thing is that Walker wins with the overall favorability of 54 to 34, and 54% say the State is "headed in the right direction" while 46% indicate the opposite.  And before people question the sample or methodology, please consider that the same poll yielded results of 50% Obama favorability to 44% unfavorable.  Regarding the direction of the Nation, 24% said "right track" against 70% who said "wrong track". 

While I don't understand Obama's favorables, the importance is that the Honorable Governor wins in the same polling sample carried by the limp-wristed SCOAMF Golfer-in-Chief.  To me this says Walker is winning the argument with the Indies.

I have yet to go through the crosstabs, as I wait anxiously for the State of the State Address to begin at 7:00 PM.  Any guesses on whether some dipshit commie will try to raise a ruckus to interrupt the Governor's speech?  I hope the commie idjits do, and I hope they get a faceful of mace and an ass full of police boot before a full and thorough Rodney-Kinging.

Tonight we CELEBRATE!

May G-d Bless the Honorable Governor Scott Walker.

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